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In Name Only
Sequel to The Fix-it Girl

$6.99  $3.50
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Michelle Clark
I feel like a glutton. I started reading In Name Only and couldn't stop. Wow. It was steamy, emotive, funny, and all around very satisfying. I loved Tegan's antics and really enjoyed getting into the heads of the secondary characters. It was good to see some of Anna's and Nina's motivations for their actions. It gave them depth. Very well written and well edited. The book seemed more true to life and less like so many of the atypical romances out there. In the first book, The Fix It Girl, Jill and Elise were well established as strong characters who would fight for what they believe in...and that includes love. So I was okay with the ending of that book, believing they would find a way to get back together. But I was very happy to see this sequel come along so I was no longer left to rely upon my imagination. JM tied up the ends enough with In Name Only that readers will be satisfied with how the story ended, but it's also open enough that we could hope for more. That's a hard balance to achieve, but the author did it well. I give it two thumbs up and look forward to seeing what JM Dragon's next book will be.


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