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Annette Mori
Annette Mori
Annette Mori is a health care executive living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her new wife (got to love Washington state) and their three furry kids. Well actually, it might be more than three, but they do not count the ones they only feed. Live Forever, Love Forever is her first novel originating from a vivid dream.

The Thanksgiving Baby Caper
Annette Mori


Available for purchase on Kindle Unlimited only.


A conspiracy is afoot when Toni, Char and the gang travel to Toni’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving. Will all the behind the scenes maneuvering cause an unmanageable rift between the two lovers? Will Char finally be on the path to having a real family?


Find out the answers to this story that brings back the gang from Asset Management in a tale set shortly before the events that unfold in The Organization

Condition: New eBook
Published: 2017


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