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Lilith Chapter 1

Chapter 1






Click! SNICK!


“Son of a bitch!”


The sound of a dull splash quickly followed.


“It’s a conspiracy,” Dakota grumbled, looking around for something else to write with. She was sitting by the pool, scribbling on a notepad resting on her lap, when the inevitable happened. The tip of her mechanical pencil broke and continued to break, leaving her  frustrated. One  of these  days she  was  going to  finish  an  article  on  the Illusionist without having to throw away pens or pencils.


The thought of Yemaya brought her back to the present. Conceding a temporary victory to the powers-that-be, she glanced at the swimmer in the pool and wondered how many more laps the woman could do before quitting from exhaustion. Just watching her lithe body moving smoothly through the water tired Dakota out. She shook her head and went back to her writing.


A low grunt caused her to look up. The sleek form of Yemaya pushed effortlessly up from the edge of the pool. Groaning,  Dakota squeezed her knees together trying to control the tingle developing between her thighs.


Long black hair clung damply to bare shoulders and firm breasts as rivulets of water ran down the semi-naked body before pooling on the cement. Dakota wished she was one of those drops trickling slowly between the well-rounded breasts concealed beneath the silver and blue bikini top. Stomach muscles rippled when Yemaya picked up a towel and rubbed her hair vigorously. As she dried her arms, chest, and then legs, the journalist’s eyes followed the towel’s movement. Those same legs had straddled her hips earlier in the morning while those same lips had kissed her passionately.


Remembering what had followed, Dakota inhaled deeply, and clamped her knees together. Her arms grew limp from the intensity of the orgasm. She was unaware of being watched or the worried look that Yemaya was giving her.


“Are you all right?” Yemaya asked, kneeling beside her.


Dakota  kept  her  head  down,  taking  deep  breaths.  The  throbbing  subsided  to  a bearable level.


Yemaya sat down next to Dakota, wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close. Neither spoke.


“Whew! That was intense,” Dakota gasped, her voice weak and shaky. Pushing slightly away, she looked into Yemaya’s eyes and blushed.


“What happened?” Yemaya pushed strands of blonde hair behind Dakota’s left ear. “Oh, ummm...”


“Dakota, are you okay?” “Oh, yeah, I’m fine...really.”


“Are you sure? You seem bothered.”


“I am...was bothered. Have you ever seen yourself climbing out of a pool? Water streaming down that...that perfect body of yours? You’re like some wild, exotic animal. Sleek,  muscular...beautiful.”  It  was  Yemaya’s  turn  to  blush.


“Just  the  sight  of  you standing there like an ancient goddess. If you affect me like this every time we go swimming, I’m in trouble!”


“Trouble? Oh! I see!”


Yemaya couldn’t think of an adequate response. Dakota leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.


“Sorry if I embarrassed you.”


“Oh! No, I am glad, I think. I mean, I know! You just surprised me. I had no idea.” “Sweetie, I had no idea until a few minutes ago and, believe me, I’m looking forward to many more episodes.” Wiggling her eyebrows suggestively, Dakota grinned. “Instant orgasms and no work involved.”


“Does that mean my services are no longer needed?”


“Good grief, no! Nothing compares to a hands-on experience.”


“Just hands?” Yemaya murmured, her voice dropping to a husky, seductive whisper. “Damn! Keep that up and I’ll be too tired for anything.”


Slowly unfolding her long body and standing, Yemaya gazed down at the woman who had captured her heart the year before. Her pale sapphire eyes burned with desire. Holding out her hand, she offered it to Dakota.


“Would I be wasting my time if I suggest we retire to our room?” “Oh, I don’t think so,” Dakota replied impishly.


Yemaya sprinted away, letting out an uncharacteristically girlish, “Whoo hoo!” “Last one there gets the top,” she yelled, glancing back at Dakota and winking. Gathering  her  notepad  and  belongings,  the  journalist  shook  her  head  slowly, muttering to herself.


“Damn! I hate losing like this!”


By the time she entered their hotel suite, Yemaya was in bed with the sheet pulled up to her chin, pretending to be asleep. Dakota decided to play along. Yawning, she undressed, slipped in next to her and turned on her side, her back toward Yemaya.


For several minutes they lay still, each wondering if the other was faking exhaustion or really feeling it. Just as Dakota was about to cave in to her urges, she felt an arm wrap around her waist and pull her backward.


“I guess you are too tired to play,” whispered a husky voice. A warm breath caressed her left ear. Shivering, Dakota turned over and stared into the heated icy-blue gaze. Passion burned behind the steamy eyes.


“Tired?” she asked, her voice slightly squeaky. “I don’t think so!” “I would not want to take advantage of your weakened state.” “Since when?”


Groaning, they pressed into each other, both writhing in an effort to mold their bodies tightly together. Legs pressed against each other while knees nudged thighs apart. Hours later, they collapsed, exhausted from their lovemaking.


* * *


The  two  were  peacefully snuggling under  the  sheets when  Dakota’s cell  phone chirped. Reaching lazily over Yemaya’s naked body, she grabbed it.


“Hello?” “Daks?”


“Mom? What’s up?”


Her mother rarely called unless it was important.


“It’s Grams. She’s very sick, honey! I’m not sure she has much time left.” “How much longer?” Dakota asked sitting up.


“A few days. Maybe a week if the spirits are kind.” “I’ll be home tomorrow!”


“I’ll pick you up at the airport.”


“No, I can rent a car. It’ll make things easier for everyone. You stay with Grams.” She forced her voice to sound matter-of-fact. “Give her my love. I’ll see you soon, Mom.”


“I will. Be safe, Daks. Oh, and bring Yemaya along. It’s about time she met the family, don’t you think?”


“I’ll let her know. Bye.” “Bye.”


Turning to Yemaya, Dakota was about to say something when she was pulled into strong arms.


“I heard. Sonny will charter you a flight. I am so sorry.”


“She’s old, but she’s a wonderful person,” Dakota said in a tremulous voice. “Grams taught me a lot about life and about me. Between mom and her, they encouraged me to believe I could be anything I wanted.”


“Well, no one can predict the future. Maybe it is not as bad as it sounds.”


“Mom’s a good doctor. She’ll do everything she can, but I can’t take my chances by not going.”


“Of course not. I wish I could go with you, but my business in New York cannot wait. I can fly down afterward to meet this special grandmother of yours.”


“That would be great.”


Picking up her own phone, Yemaya called Sonny and explained the situation.


“Well, our vacation is officially over,” she said after hanging up. “How about we get some sleep?” Nodding, Dakota settled into Yemaya’s warm embrace.


Placing  her  cheek  against  Dakota’s  blonde  head,  Yemaya  combed  her  fingers through the short strands. “It will be all right,” she murmured.


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