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Memoirs Of The Happy Lesbian Housewife by Lorraine Howell

This was a difficult book to write my usual conventional review on. I usually write a synopsis first, being careful not to give away too much information. Then the next part is what I think of the writing, characters, settings and the story. Well, this book had me stumped as to how to write this review. It’s not like it’s a conventional romance or any other genre. In fact, this book is unlike any I’ve read before. So, I’m simply going to tell you what I thought this hilarious, zany, whacky book of memoirs.

This wouldn’t normally be a book I’d choose to read. Mainly because I’m not a lover of comedic writing and I don’t always ‘comprehend’ American humor. But, I’m so pleased I gave it a chance. I enjoyed it immensely. There really is no difference in the laugh out loud moments between this book and a book written by an English author. It’s not only the written humor, but the visualization of the antics of the person’s concerned that had me curled up with laughter.

It sounds strange, but I only had to read the names of some of these characters to be highly amused and sniggering. I mean, who has a name like Sweetie? Then there is Bubba, Buddy and Sissy, all integrated into a maelstrom of delightful hilarity and interactions.

I would advise you to not read this in public and not to read it in bed. (You’ll be too wide awake to sleep afterwards and your partner will not be happy with the sniggers and guffaws you’ll be making). Also, DO NOT read this whilst eating or drinking, that would be a health hazard. Lorraine Howell should have put a health warning in this book for all the afore mentioned reasons.

If you are looking for some light hearted reading and a good laugh, this is the book for you. It’s well written, extremely witty and complete delight to read. I’m looking forward to more exploits from the lesbian housewife soon.

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