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Love Is Enough by Cindy Rizzo

Angie Antonelli’s life is well ordered and going smoothly. Her political career is jogging along steadily, she has a loving family backing her every step of the way and some fantastic close friends she’s known since college. There is one thing Angie’s missing and dearly wants, a loving relationship with her dream woman.

Jan Clifford has a top notch job in her family’s investment company. After breaking up with her previous girlfriend, she’s currently taking a break from dating. That is, until she’s set up on a date to go sailing with Angie and meets her.

Both Angie and Jan are immediately smitten with one another. The pull of attraction is there from the beginning, it’s magnetic and draws them close together quickly. But, Angie and Jan are from two very different worlds. Angie fights for the underdogs, Jan is the financier moving in the country club, rich elite sets. Just like Cinderella and Prince Charming, their backgrounds couldn’t be more different.

Their fledgling relationship has hardly got off the ground, when Angie’s ex lover, Nicky, the woman who had shattered her heart fourteen years earlier, appears on the scene. To further add to Angie’s distress, her world of politics and Jan’s in finance comes crashing together creating havoc for them both. Jan refuses to forgo a lucrative business deal that could over throw Angie’s re-election and her second term in congress, which of course, impacts on their relationship.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them together? Will Angie put her political career before her love for Jan? Will Jan reconsider her position and see things from Angie’s point of view?

The romantics amongst us would say that love is enough. To find out if this is true for Angie and Jan, you have to read their story.

When I read Cindy Rizzo’s first book, Exception To The Rule, I immediately knew it begged for a sequel. Here it is. I wondered if Cindy would be able to top her debut book, she has topped it and exceeded it. Love Is Enough is superb. There is no need to read Exception To The Rule first, there is more than enough background for this book to standalone. But, why deny yourself the pleasure of another excellent book? Exception To The Rule focused on the college days of Robin and Tracy with Angie as prominent third character. This story focuses on Angie and newcomer, Jan, and is set when all women are well settled in their careers some years later.

Angie is a politician, so it goes without saying that there is a fair bit of politics in the story. But, it doesn’t over power the budding romance between Angie and Jan. The balance in my opinion, is just right. I don’t know an awful lot about American politics, other than watching the entire series of West Wing, so I can’t possibly comment on this aspect of the story. But, I enjoyed the whole book very much and couldn’t put it down.

When two different worlds collide, all sorts of problems ensue. Do Angie and Jan sort out their differences? Or is there simply too much of a division between their worlds?

Angie and Jan are backed up by a cast of wonderfully well formed secondary characters, including Robin and Tracy. Angie’s mom is a delight to read about too.

I tore through this book in my haste to find out how it ended. I’ve put it in my re-read folder for a slower read to savor the story and the characters.

If you are looking for a well written book with a great story, filled with politics, intrigue, discrimination, romance, wonderfully described settings and much more, look no further. This is it. 

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