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Reece’s Faith by TJ Vertigo

Bar owner, Reece Corbett and actress, Faith Ashford from Private Dancer are back in another amazing episode in their lives.

Their relationship is going from strength to strength. As they set out on new paths exploring new ground, so their sex lives and understanding of one another gets better and better, cementing their relationship strongly together in a newly discovered intimacy.

As time goes by, Reece learns she can fully trust Faith and shares with her the story of how she became The Animal. This in turn gives Faith new strength and the continuing hope for their relationship to have the happy ever after ending she craves.

Unfortunately a glitch occurs in the form of the green eyed monster, jealousy, when Faith has to kiss a man on her television show and Reece is stalked by two sex crazed women. How will both women react to the others jealousies? 

The icing on the cake is when Faith is outed on television as a lesbian. This brings her parents hurtling onto the scene and all hell breaks loose. Faith discovers things about her parents that are an eye opener for her. Will Faith’s parents accept her and Reece’s relationship and what will the consequences be? 

Another well written, well edited, hot and erotic book from TJ Vertigo with some of the wonderful characters from Private Dancer. There is no need to have read Private Dancer first. This book will totally standalone. But, I would strongly advise you not to miss out on another wonderful book with the beginning of Reece and Faith’s story.

I love these characters, Reece is hot headed and would seem to be as hard as nails, yet has a soft and vulnerable streak that no one gets to see very often. Faith is soft and gentle, yet, she has a strength that comes to the fore front when it’s needed and is fiercely protective of Reece. Both characters are multi-faceted and are backed up by a wonderful cast of strong secondary characters enhancing the story and progressing it through to the end.

I’ve read everything I can get my hands on that TJ Vertigo has written. I love her stories and her writing style. The fact that I know her books are chock full of romance and erotic hot sex scenes has me wishing she would write much faster and publish a lot more books. Although this is a fairly long book, it still wasn’t long enough for me. But, I’m not too worried, there is a sequel due out soon. As always with one of TJ’s books, it’s in my favorites folder to be read time again.

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