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Shadows Of The Heart by Patty G Henderson

When Annalee Stewart lost her upper crust status due to her fathers gambling and subsequent suicide, her godmother begrudgingly took her in. After her death, Annalee was fortunate to secure a post as companion to the young and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although no longer wealthy and part of the elite rich society,  Annalee considers herself fortunate to have a home, even though she is in service. England was really no place for unmarried women without means in the 1820’s.

Unfortunately, Annalee finds herself in a dangerous situation. Premeditated murder, shady characters in a dark and dismal world throws Annalee headlong into the role of Lenore’s protector. Annalee and Lenore grow very close and Annalee fights her growing attraction to Lenore, a woman she can never have. Lenore however welcomes Annalee’s love and attentions and encourages them, putting them both in imminent danger from Lenore’s husband, the Earl of Blackstone.

The Earl’s sister, Victoria is enamored with Annalee. She flirts unashamedly with her and Annalee finds herself responding. This confuses Annalee, as her heart belongs to Lenore. But, deep down she knows Lenore is unavailable and as much as she yearns for her, Lenore will never be hers. What will happen in this ill fated triangle of love and deceptions? Annalee must sort out her feelings and passions.

When Annalee’s life is threatened within the walls of Blackstone Castle and after love and great loss, Annalee must make choices. Who to believe, who to trust and most of all, who to give her heart to.

Another well written winner in the gothic historical romance book titles from the Queen of dark, dangerous and intrigue, Patty G Henderson. A page turner from start to finish. This is written in the true style of the old gothic romances from yesteryear, with one difference, instead of heroes and heroines, we have heroines only. A dark, brooding castle, a touch of danger and intrigue, wonderful characters, mix them altogether and you have spine chilling, thrilling perfection. Throw into the mix, illicit love, a love triangle with three gorgeous women, beautiful scenic descriptions, a story set in the 1820’s and you have gothic romance at it’s very best.

All of the characters are well fleshed out and fully developed, multidimensional, easy to get to know and like, or dislike as the case maybe. But most of all, they interact well together, the dialogue is easily understood and the story seamlessly flows along and kept this reader on the edge of her seat throughout.

If you like a bit of spice in your romances, this is highly spiced in parts. Red hot and deliciously decadent, yet tasteful and tender. Not too much to overwhelm the reader, just right in proportion.

This is the fourth book in Patty’s gothic historical romance series. Each story is as gripping as the last. This book is no exception, even though Passion For Vengeance is an award winning book. I expect the same for this book. I’m now eagerly looking forward to the fifth gothic romance book. Well, any book from Patty G Henderson will be most welcome. I’ve added this to my re-read folder to savor time and again. 

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