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A Sister’s Wish by Jennis Slaughter

Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer, Sydney Martin, is serving overseas when she gets a distinct feeling something is wrong with her twin sister, Sasha. Pain and foreboding fill Sydney’s whole being. She instinctively knows something terrible has happened to Sasha.

When Sydney gets the official news of Sasha’s murder, she flies back home to Canada, intent on finding out what happened and who murdered her beloved sister.

A delayed text from Sasha asking Sydney to protect something sends Sydney on a mission to fulfil Sasha’s wishes.

On Sydney’s arrival in Canada, she meets Sasha’s best friend, top notch computer programmer, Chance O’Neill. Sydney and Chance had no way of knowing they would fall head over heels in love and end up on the run whilst trying to unravel the mystery Sasha was working on and in turn solve her murder.

Will Sydney and Chance find the truth before the truth finds them and silences them both forever?

This is the first book I’ve read written by Jennis Slaughter. What could have been a riveting page turner was unfortunately marred by several things. First of all, the editing was bad. There were numerous typos throughout that simply pulled me out of the story. The second point was the over use of the two main characters jobs, constantly seeing the SEAL and the programmer really grated on my nerves. The third major point was the amount of sex scenes. I’m fully aware that in a new relationship, sex is in abundance and I do enjoy a red hot sex scene in a book. But, this gratuitous sex was a page filler. This in turn added endless pages of fluff to what would otherwise have been a really good story. I ended up skipping through the numerous repetitive sex scenes to get to the actual story.

If you like sex scenes in abundance, don’t mind the bad editing and the annoyance of not using the characters names, the story is reasonable.

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