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Twisted Lives by Ali Spooner

As Bet is fleeing from her abusive husband with her four year old daughter, Kylie, her car breaks down. It is a twist of fate that it should happen right outside the entrance to the home of property developer, Alex Graves.

When Alex arrives home and sees Bet’s plight and the lovely little munchkin, Kylie, asleep in the passenger seat, Alex is spurred into action. She offers Bet and Kylie her hospitality and the run of her home.

Alex and Bet had no way of knowing that this simple act of kindness would change their lives forever. Unfortunately for them all, as well as bringing them love, it also brings danger to their door.

I’ve read many books by master storyteller, Ali Spooner and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Ali’s writing is what I call ‘my go to comfort reads’. I simply can’t read her books just once. Her stories and characters resonate with me long after I’ve finished reading her books.

This story is a romance, a page turner that hooked me in from the very first page and kept me enthralled through to the last page. A sweet and tender, heart warming love story, that is sizzling hot in parts, with a touch of angst and humor too. The romance between Bet and Alex begins almost immediately. Virtually love at first sight. Bet, Alex and the loveable four year old, going on twenty year old, Kylie are the three main characters. They are backed up by a strong cast of secondary characters each essential to the progression of this well written, fast paced story. I made the big mistake of starting this book late one night. I’ll never learn! I couldn’t put it down, so it was another late night.

As with all of Ali’s books I’ve read so far, the story is never simply ‘just one theme’, as in this case, just ‘another romance’. There is a brilliant storyline apart from the romance that runs through the book with a touch of intrigue throughout, whetting the readers appetite for more. 

This is a nice length book, but still not long enough for me. I wanted much more. I’m hoping for a sequel or at the very least a novella or short story to see what is next in the lives of Alex, Bet and Kylie. These characters are far too precious not to visit them again. 

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