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Stay With Me by Lydia Rose

When forty year old financial adviser, Christine Harper, lost her partner Jackie in a boating accident after fifteen blissful, love filled years together, she’s devastated. Three years have passed, but Christine is still unable to come to terms with her loss, let alone move on. She feels she would be cheating on Jackie. Numerous attempts by her friends to set her up with single women are driving Christine to distraction. How many times can she say no before they take the hint?

When Laura Lerner, a client, and Christine meet, the two women become friends and also neighbors. Laura has recently lost her father and is deciding whether to sell his house in New Jersey or move back to New York. Laura is attracted to Christine and is ten years younger. Unfortunately for Laura, Christine makes it clear they can never be more than friends. That doesn’t stop Laura from hoping for more though.

Will Christine let go of the ghosts of the past? Or will Laura go back to New York ending any chance of anything more than friendship?

This is the first book I’ve read by Lydia Rose. Although the story was reasonable, the editing and grammatical errors took away a lot of the pleasure I would have got from this book. The characters are nice enough, the scenic descriptions are good, the book is scorching hot in places and the storyline is nicely paced, but the book ended a bit abruptly. Unless there is to be a sequel.

This book is a prime example of an author not using a decent editor. The errors are too numerous to count. There are words misspelt and misused, characters names mixed up and grammatical errors from the beginning. The book wasn’t exactly cheap here in the UK either. But, if you don’t mind all this, you may enjoy the story.

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