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Eight Dates by Lori L Lake

Skylar Cassidy had gone through a bad break up from her long term relationship. Even after a year, she still hasn’t managed to move on. She can’t seem to meet a woman. Although lonely, she’s not sure what she really wants.

Skylar’s best gay friend and business partner, Mitchell is pro active and opens up an account in Skylar’s name on an online dating website, He puts up her profile as a risk-taking, loving, happy-go-lucky single woman. Skylar gets so many emails, she can’t keep up with them. What can she do? Or more to the point, what will she do? Skylar doesn’t really want to be alone anymore.

Mitchell challenges Skylar to go on eight dates in a quest to find Ms Right. Unfortunately, Skylar finds more Ms Wrong’s than Right’s.

A nicely written and well edited comedy/romance. There are so many laugh out loud moments throughout, that I found the book a little heavy on the comedy and not quite enough romance. Not exactly a bad thing, but not quite what I expected from the title. None-the–less, I did enjoy the book.

I loved Skylar’s character and her interactions with the little girl next door, Maya, were really funny. Add to this that Rebecca her mother is the proverbial good looking girl next door and you have three wonderful and loveable characters, backed up by some equally as nice and intriguing secondary characters to move the story forward. Mitchell, is a hoot. His interfering makes for interesting hilarity.

This book is not all sweetness and light, there are a few nasty scenes and a character I could have cheerfully slapped. But, it is tastefully written and there is nothing violent.

Some of the replies Skylar got on the dating website and dates she went on had me wondering if there are actually people out there like that. But, I suspect, there may well be.

The book title of Eight Dates was appropriate. I only wish that we could have seen a little bit beyond Skylar’s eighth date. An epilogue would have been good. I felt the book ended a little bit before it should. Or maybe that is just me being greedy and wanting more. A very enjoyable and entertaining read.

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