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Forevermore by Lynn Galli

The Virginia Series

Follows on from Blessed Twice

When M. Desiderius married Briony, she knew she had found the one person she’d thought she’d never find. Someone who loves her as much as she loves them. Her true soul mate. Dare M ask for more though?

M has a hidden desire to provide a home for an orphan. Not just any orphan, but a girl just like she had been at the tender and vulnerable age of nine years old. She feels she owes this to the memory of Kathryn, the woman who had taken her in and made a difference to her young life. Now she has Briony’s love, can her dream now become a reality?

Orphan, Olivia, joins their tight knit and loving family. But, things are far from perfect. Olivia isn’t solely theirs. In fact, it’s not long before M’s dreams are shattered by circumstances beyond their control. Will M and Briony find a way to right the devastation or will they lose Olivia forever?

I have to say, I love Lynn Galli’s writing. Whatever books she publishes, I buy without even reading the synopsis. Her books are well written and edited, her stories true to life and I’m always hooked from the first page through to the last.

I love the Virginia friends, although this is part of a series, it stands alone very well. But, I would strongly advise you to read all the books, especially Blessed Twice which tells M and Briony’s story. They are all great stories and give lots of background on the characters we read about in here.

This book focuses on a family unit, rather than just a simple romance. There is a burning romance throughout though, showing a tender and sweet love within a family. The story shows how a new member is introduced into an already loving family and is told from both M’s and Olivia’s points of view. It’s good to actually hear Olivia’s deepest thoughts and her emotional feelings as well as how the adults feel.

It was wonderful to have some of the other Virginia friends back too. Although they were playing minor roles.

There is a lot of emotional angst, plus a fantastic sense of humor interspersed throughout the book, so making the story both heart breaking and heart warming.

The only disappointment I had with this book was that it simply wasn’t long enough. I wanted more, much more. Hopefully, Lynn will bring us more from the Virginia clan in the future.  

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