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Desert Blooms by Dannie Marsden

Sequel to Desert Heat

Luce Velazquez is back in this long overdue sequel to Desert Heat. The story continues directly on from where the cliff-hanger in Desert Heat left off.

Now Luce’s hopes of getting her life back on an even keel have been shattered. She’s in hospital after being shot and her lover, Beth, is nowhere to be found. Luce has no idea she’s in protective custody.

Luce’s best friend and her ex lover, Jessica, isn’t buying Beth’s protestations of love for Luce. Something isn’t right. Jessica is determined to get to the bottom of what is going on and pulls out all stops to ensure Beth remains in custody until their investigations are carried out.

Will Jessica’s hunch be right? Is Beth genuine? Will Luce’s dreams of a happy ever after materialize?

There is enough background for this book to standalone. But, I would advise reading Desert Heat first so you can get to know the characters fully.

After waiting almost three years for this sequel after the cliff-hanger ending in Desert Heat, I have to say, I’m disappointed in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed Desert Heat, but Desert Blooms doesn’t measure up to it.

I’m not going to add in any spoilers. What I will say is, I was not happy with unfinished storylines, characters doing turnabouts and also once again, although this book hasn’t ended in a cliff-hanger, it hasn’t actually concluded, there are too many questioned left unanswered.

The story itself is good and was fast paced and apart from the above mentioned, enjoyable enough. I feel with a little more time and effort this book could have been an excellent read. 

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