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French Kissing Season One by Harper Bliss

Contains all six episodes.

This is a book set in Paris and tells the stories of the lives of a group of lesbians and their lovers.

Claire and Juliette own a PR company, Barbier and Cyr and have been best friends for years. Unfortunately, their all work and no play work ethic has had a profound affect on their personal lives and relationships.

Claire hasn’t had a date for a long time and she yearns to find her soul mate, fall in love and live an idyllic happy ever after.

Juliette and her partner Nadia, have been together for ten years and their relationship is stale and floundering.

Steph, their employee is a happy go lucky, love them and leave them sort of girl. That is until she gets involved with one of Barbier and Cyr’s top, high profile clients.

This blockbuster series is a page turner from start to finish. Far too long to read in one sitting, but pure agony to put down. I lost count of how many ‘just one more chapters’  I read.

I would describe this as a realistic lesbian romance, with angst, drama, fun and smoking hot erotica throughout.

Each and every one of the main characters are just like our real life friends. I simply couldn’t pick a favorite, they each have good qualities and are all loveable. There is a wealth of secondary characters to enhance the story. All are fully developed and multi-faceted. The scenic descriptions of Paris are accurate and real, just like looking at a film. Harper Bliss certainly has the art of showing, rather than telling a story.

This is an epic series, episode one will be followed by episode two due out early next year. It can’t be published soon enough. Harper has written a book that has me totally invested in the characters and their lives and wanting more without her resorting deviously to cliff-hangers. This is without a doubt her best work to date. A definite re-read for me when the whole series is complete.

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