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Second Chances by M.E Tudor

Pam Matterson had loved Casey Durham from a distance in college. Circumstances tore them apart. Pam wasn’t in a position to pursue her love for Casey and they parted before even beginning a relationship.

Years later, Pam goes to Kentucky to save Dorothy Durham, Casey’s mother, from her abusive husband. Pam knows that in all probability her path will cross with Casey’s. Deep down she’s excited with the prospect of meeting Casey again, but at the same time she is also dreading it. She hurt Casey deeply and has no idea how Casey will react to seeing her again.

Casey Durham is moving from Memphis back to Nashville to begin her residency as an orthopedic surgeon. The last person Casey expects or wants to see is Pam. Why would she want to see her when her love was rebuffed and Pam walked away?

Pam and Casey do eventually meet and are in a situation where they have to interact together for the good of Casey’s family. Old feelings come rushing back to both women. Will it be too late for them to have the all consuming love denied to them both back in college?

This is the first book I’ve read by M.E Tudor. The idea of the story was excellent, unfortunately, the writing wasn’t. I found it repetitive, stilted and amateurish, almost childlike. There were numerous typos throughout. Not just one or two here and there, but far too many to even begin to count. For example, the word where instead of were is used on more than one occasion, heals instead of heels, also boutique of flowers instead of bouquet, plus many, many others. Well, you get the picture. This pulled me right out of the story.

The two main characters, Pam and Casey just didn’t seem to have that spark between them that would normally be simmering away waiting to be ignited in a good romance. I know there were numerous problems they had to contend with, but even so, I expected a bit more passion there.

It’s a shame that M.E Tudor used a bad editor. With a good editor and some good beta readers, this could have been a much better book. The synopsis drew me in to buying the book. It sounded different from the usual romance novels. Unfortunately, it just didn’t deliver and for the price here in the UK, it’s certainly not value for money. 

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