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Stars Collide by HP Munro

 Freya Easter comes from a long line of famous stars, her family are the renowned Conor’s, virtually Hollywood’s royalty. She’s had quite a hard time growing up in the spotlight and in the shadow of her family. Now it’s Freya’s turn for fame in her own right.

Freya has hidden a big part of her private life from the public. But when she accepts a part on a hit TV show, Front Line, she couldn’t know the impact it would have on her life. A storyline has her acting opposite the beautiful Jordan Ellis. Could Freya’s closely guarded secret now be exposed?

Jordan is living the high life in a world of glamor and privilege. However, she is disillusioned with her inability to have a steady and loving relationship and yearns to find the ‘one’, her soul mate. Imagine her surprise when the love of her life turns up, but not in the sort of flavor she’s used to.

Freya and Jordan begin a tender and loving relationship both on screen and off. What will happen when their secret gets out?

This is the second book I’ve read by H.P Munro and I’ve enjoyed both stories. The two main characters, Freya and Jordan, are realistic, well formed, multidimensional and interact well with the wealth of great secondary characters. My favorite was Dan, Freya’s ex husband and her gay best friend.

H.P Munro has followed the tried and tested formula of girl meets girl, problems develop and get resolved in the end.  We have romance, angst, tension and a wonderful witty humor throughout. 

I particularly enjoyed that Freya and Jordan began an on screen relationship and their own off screen relationship followed along a similar path to the parts they were playing. It was intriguing to see the similarities.

The first part of the book was fast paced and smooth. The second part was a bit slower and a little bit up and down. Not quite as smooth, but none the less this is still a very good read.

There were a few typos and errors, but nothing that pulled me out of the story.  

I look forward to more from H.P Munro soon.

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