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Surviving Reagan by Isabella

Sequel to Executive Disclosure

Chad Morgan has just about recovered from the traumatic hurt and betrayal she suffered at the hands of her ex client and lover, Reagan Reynolds. Unfortunately for Chad, the past is about to rear it’s ugly head again in the form of Reagan Reynolds.

Reagan Reynolds is just getting her life back on track after her diabolical past transgressions. Her father has entrusted her to represent Reynolds Holdings at the women’s conference in Abu Dhabi. Knowing this may be her one chance to prove herself, Reagan grabs it with both hands.

Chad’s new client is the future first lady, Sylvia Allegany. Chad and her team are contracted to protect her at the women’s conference in Abu Dhabi. It’s here that Chad uncovers a plot to release a deadly virus that could kill countless people if released. Will Chad and her team be able to avert the disaster?

Unknown to both Chad and Reagan, they are about to cross paths once again. How will they both handle the meeting? Will Reagan be able to convince Chad she’s changed? Will Chad ever be able to forgive Reagan? Or will this be a moot point and they be separated by death forever?

Another well written page turner from the awesome pen of Isabella. Be aware, I couldn’t put this down once I started it. So allow plenty of time, it’s a one sitting read.

I waited for this sequel with eager anticipation since reading the final sentence of Executive Disclosure. Although not happy at having to wait for the sequel, I can tell you now, it is definitely well worth the wait. Surviving Reagan has cleared up all the loose ends from Executive Disclosure and also given the reader more insight into the relationship between Chad and Reagan. Two women who are made for each other, but have problems to sort out before they can be together, if they ever get together. This story has left me wanting more, much more. Take note Isabella, this definitely needs a sequel. More of Chad and Reagan and what happens next.

This story is fast paced, the plot is tight and fraught with tension and twists and turns throughout, right up to the end. There is the added bonus of a nice romance simmering in the background waiting to be ignited.

Both Chad and Morgan are multi-faceted and there is an excellent cast of secondary characters all essential to the plot and the progression of the story. Some characters are obnoxious, but are so well written, that I found myself loving to detest them.

I’ve read everything Isabella has published and without a second thought, will pick up whatever she publishes in the future as a ‘must’ read.

I’ve added this to my re-read folder, hopefully, if there is another in the series, I’ll read them all together once again. 

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