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Inside Out By Susan X Meagher

Kit Travis is a Political Blogger in Washington DC. A place that likes to know everything about everybody.

Kit’s last relationship with a renowned politician ended on a sour note. After being publicly ‘outed’ from her anonymous blog, Kit now hides herself out of sight on the internet.

When Kit meets software engineer, Bailey Jones, at a charity dinner, she’s taken with her boyish, good looks and charm. Kit has always considered herself to be straight. She’s never even looked at another woman sexually before, so what is it about Bailey that attracts her? The two women begin to date. But, Bailey is an out and proud lesbian. Being out as a couple is a priority to Bailey and the only way she is willing to live her life.

Kit values her privacy, she simply can’t or won’t give it up. Will Kit change her mind and be more open about their relationship? Or will she lose Bailey forever?

Inside Out is a superb book, written by an author who is not afraid to explore and write about different themes. This story throws up the question of identity and labels. Is it necessary to be labelled gay, lesbian, bisexual etcetera? For Kit Travis, the answer is no. Kit has always been straight, always dated men and had good relationships and good sex with them. Suddenly she meets Bailey, an out lesbian and falls madly and deeply in love. But, she doesn’t consider herself to be a lesbian. She doesn’t look at other women. Kit has fallen in love with a person, the fact that she is a woman and a lesbian is irrelevant to Kit and she doesn’t see why she should be labelled.

Both Kit and Bailey have deep rooted issues, which doesn’t make for an easy relationship even if Kit could or would admit to being a lesbian. As the story unfolds, we begin to see the vulnerable side of both women. Bailey is out-going and has her own ideals on what is right and wrong and is stubborn. Kit is very reserved and private, she also won’t give and is stubborn. But, who is right and who is wrong? This story explores both sides of the coin.

Whether Kit and Bailey can make a go of a relationship under the circumstances remains to be seen until you read the book. The whole story is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with lots of tender, emotional scenes and tension throughout.

This is rather a long book, so allow plenty of time to savor the story, it can’t be rushed. 

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