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Bayou Justice by Ali Spooner

Bayou Justice by Ali Spooner


Book Two of the Sasha Thibodaux series

Sasha Thibodaux is still living a mundane existence, years after the love of her life and soul mate, Milly Vansant, succumbed to the deadly disease AIDS after drinking infected blood.


When Sasha meets Kara, she is reminded of Milly and sparks begin to ignite in her once again. Soon, Sasha and Kara are head over heels in love. Sasha can finally love and live her life once again.


Unfortunately, their bliss is rudely interrupted. Due to circumstances regarding Kara’s job in the DA’s office, she is kidnapped by the Bellfontaine brothers to enable the drug dealing pair to once again escape justice.


Eventually Kara is released, shaken, but physically unharmed. Mentally however, Kara is a mess. Her career in the DA’s office is over before it really took off. Someone had to be a scapegoat and it wasn’t going to be the DA!


Enraged by the failure of the DA’s office to bring the criminals to justice once again, Sasha pledges to use bayou justice to avenge the kidnap of her soul mate, Kara.


Another well written, sure fire winner from the pen of the very talented, master storyteller, Ali Spooner. I’ve read many books by Ali now and can honestly say, I love her stories. They are always entertaining and very different, proving she can write in many genres.


This is the second in a series and follows on from Sugarland. This will standalone, but, I would urge you to read Sugarland first. It will make your reading experience more enjoyable if you have the whole background on the characters. Plus, you’ll be missing out on another excellent read if you don’t.


This book is more than simply ‘another’ vampire book. Ali brings a whole new concept to the idea of vampires since the days of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It doesn’t hurt that the romance is sizzling hot and Sasha and Kara are both desirable characters. They are backed by a great cast of secondary characters too. I particularly like Milly, James and Marie’s daughter, named after Sasha’s dead lover. She’s becoming more intriguing as she gets older. 


The plot is fast paced, thrilling and gruesome, spanning the bayou’s of Louisiana to South America, there is nowhere to hide from Sasha seeking revenge. A page turner from start to finish. Real edge of the seat reading. I confess, this is my second reading. When the series is complete, I’ll be reading them all again, back to back to get the full impact of the complete story.


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