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That Certain Something by Clare Ashton

Photojournalist, Pia Benitez-Smith , is a bit of a klutz and a daydreamer. Her head is full of the perfect romance, with the perfect woman and the perfect happy ever after ending, everything is black and white. She wants to meet the perfect woman, fall head over heels in love, and that’s it, you have the perfect life. Only love matters, not money, right?

When Pia meets renowned journalist, Cate, after a mishap and literally falls into her arms, she’s in heaven, she’s met her perfect woman.

Cate is as different to Pia as chalk is to cheese. She exudes elegance and charm and has an air of the wealthy about her. When the two women discuss their perfect night, Cate is convinced that only an expensive night out will be perfection. Pia sets out to convince Cate otherwise and to show her that the perfect night can be a cheap and cheerful affair. Together they set off round the streets of London for their one perfect night together.

Does money matter? Should you follow your head or your heart? Pia and Cate do have ‘that certain something’, but is it enough? What will happen after the perfect night ends?

Set in London, this story is a beautifully written, multi layered, lesfic, romantic comedy. It is chick lit for lesbians as its very best. Clare Ashton has got the balance between the romance and the comedy just right. Neither one overshadows the other. This is a refreshingly different book from Clare’s other two full length, more serious novels. Although we did get a taste of her wonderful sense of humor in her short story, published last year.

Both Pia and Cate are fully formed and multidimensional characters. The secondary characters are all equally as well formed and important to the progression of the story. I loved Ed, Pia’s Spanish mom and of course, Cate’s irascible grandfather and her long suffering grandmother. 

Pia and Cate hit it off right from their first meeting. But, like lots of encounters, things in the long run do not go smoothly. Especially when secrets are involved. Their ensuing journey is an exciting roller coaster ride.

Pia is my favorite character. She is a simple person with simple ideals. It’s all or nothing with her, money doesn’t matter. Where as Cate is willing to compromise her feelings for money. The question is, which will win out, love or money?

I love the wonderful scenic descriptions of London, my hometown. The beautiful colorful, cosmopolitan melting pot of diversity, brought London and its people to life for me. Clare has mastered the difficult art of showing the reader through her words, rather than simply telling them. For me, this means I can live the story along with the characters, rather than just read about them.

This book enabled me to feel a myriad of emotions. Happiness, sadness, gut aching hilarity, even anger. The laugh out loud moments were many throughout and far outweighed the angst. I love Clare’s British sense of humor. Our overseas friends will have no trouble laughing along at the antics throughout this book.

This is a book that will be in my re-read favorites folder to be read many times when in need of a good laugh. Goldie winner Clare Ashton has really excelled herself with this book and has shown that she is an extremely talented writer who can weave an excellent story in different genres. All of her stories are very different. So, I’m intrigued to know what is next. But, I do know whatever story she writes, I’ll be eagerly turning the pages.

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