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WILD The WILD will tame you by Kim Pritekel and Alex Ross

When Abel Cohen (Spinney) was six years old, she got lost in the woods surrounding her parents vacation cabin in Maine. Zac Lipton, a girl slightly older than Abel, finds her wandering around and helps her find her way back home. Zac has lived in the woods all her life and knows every inch of them. The two young girls become firm friends and play together every day over the summer, enjoying carefree laughter, adventures and spinning. The summer came to an end and the girls didn’t meet again until fourteen years later.

Abel couldn’t remember Zac, but after a shaky beginning, they embark on a firm friendship, strengthening their feelings from the past, as Abel gradually begins to remember the summer spent with Zac.

Abel introduces Zac into her modern day world. A world that Zac has never been in. Zac teaches Abel all about her world, the big outdoors.

Both women explore not only their different worlds, but the growing feelings they have for each other.

When Abel has almost finished with college, she knows her visits to the cabin are going to be infrequent, if she visits at all. Will this be the end of their friendship? Or will Abel be able to talk Zac into moving to Boston to be with her? Zac has never lived in a big city. Will she choose to stay in her beloved woods? Or will she follow her heart and Abel?

This story grabbed me right from the very first page and held me captivated right until the very last page. Although this book is a nice lengthy one, I still hadn’t had enough and wanted to see much more from these characters, so much so, that a sequel would be very welcome.

Both Abel and Zac are multidimensional and so vastly different. Abel has grown up having every modern convenience, while Zac has basically lived in the wild without really knowing much about civilization, let alone every day modern conveniences and technology. But, do two people have to be similar or the same to be soul mates? The answer is no. Not if you believe in true love and the concept of having a soul mate.

This book starts out when Abel and Zac were young, they didn’t meet again for many years. Where as Abel had forgotten about Zac, Zac had always remembered Abel, Spinney as she was nicknamed back then. As the story unfolds, we read about how they meet again and get to know one another all over again. I don’t want to add in any spoilers, but suffice it to say, that I found the story fascinating.

This book is very well written and has highs and lows of emotions and is very sad in parts, although there is a lot of happiness and laughter throughout too. As the story moves forward, it’s good to see how Zac is integrated into the Cohen family and comes to accept that they are not out to harm her and how she goes from being a recluse into actually enjoying the company of others. We follow her as she learns all about living in the world of people, rather than the world of her forest with just animals for company. Zac’s only experience outside of the forest was spent ‘riding the rails’. But she rarely encountered many people, so didn’t learn to interact with them. We also see how Abel learns all about Zac’s world too. How two so very different worlds collide and hopefully, Zac will become as comfortable in both worlds as Abel is.

This is a book that I’ll be reading again. I’m now looking forward to more from both Kim Pritekel and Alex Ross.

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