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Demon Hunter by Linda Kay Silva

First book in The Silver Legacy Series

Denny Silver had no idea she was set to become a Demon Hunter. But as Denny lives in Savannah, Georgia, which is said to be to be the most haunted city in America, someone has to do the job. It’s Denny’s legacy and has been passed down through her family for centuries. There’s just one small problem, Denny doesn’t want the job. It’s not in her plans, but she really doesn’t have a choice.

The legacy has killed Denny’s father, left her mother in a home in a catatonic state, her sister Sterling in a convent, her brother Quick in prison and her youngest sister, Pure, in danger. Denny has to step up and take the reins to balance both worlds.

Denny is pushed into the dark and terrible world of demonic entities who leave trails of destruction wherever they go. To protect her family and friends, Denny must become the Demon Hunter. This book tells her story.

A fantastic flying start to a much welcome brand new series from the pen of Master Storyteller, Linda Kay Silva. I’ve been reading Linda’s books for a number of years and look forward to each new story with eager anticipation. I’m never disappointed.

This fast paced, blockbuster of a book kept me on the edge of my seat, feverishly turning the pages right from page one through to it’s dramatic, climatic ending. This book is full of demons, ghosts, mediums, seers and Wiccans making for a chilling, thrilling, paranormal/supernatural read. There is the addition of an unusual and surprisingly different romance entwined throughout too, especially for those of us who simply love romance in a book.

I loved reading the carefully constructed background on Denny Silver and her family. The book mainly centers around Denny and her character is fully formed, well written and portrayed. The secondary characters are equally as multidimensional and the story is phenomenal. It’s layered and as each layer is unwrapped, we get right down to the crux of the story, Denny’s new job, hunting for and destroying demons.

If the rest of the series is as exciting as this first book, Linda is onto a sure fire winner and will have some very happy and satisfied readers. I can’t wait for book number two.

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