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Mac vs PC by Fletcher Delancey

A Novella

Anna Petrowski is a computer technician at the university. Everyone seems to think her help and advice should be given freely at any time. Even on her precious downtime at weekends.

Anna has her strict Saturday routine with a visit to the Bean Grinder Coffee Bar. It’s the same every Saturday, a scone, caramel mocha and peace and quiet.

When Anna meets Elizabeth Markel in the Bean Grinder on her Saturday visit, she learns that Elizabeth is new in town and is working at the university. Although Elizabeth obviously needs help with her computer, the fact that she doesn’t ask prompts Anna to offer her assistance. So begins a tentative friendship with may be the possibility of them becoming more than friends eventually.

However, Elizabeth is in a rather high up management position at the university and when Anna finds this out, all sorts of prejudices come flying out of nowhere. Their friendship is over before it even begins.

Will Anna put aside her prejudices long enough to get to know Elizabeth outside of her job? More to the point now, will Elizabeth ever be able to forgive Anna for her bad behavior?

This is the first time I’ve read anything written by Fletcher Delancey. I have enjoyed this short novella. It is as it’s title suggests, a story about whether one should use a Mac or a PC, with a romance thrown in for good measure. I’m techie minded and I really enjoyed the story. It’s also taught me a few things about Mac’s too as I’m a PC person.

I did get the impression though that this book was a little like a sales pitch for buying a Mac. For me, the balance between the Mac vs PC and the romance was little top heavy on the Mac side. But, the romance was the usual tried and tested formula. Girl meets girl, things don’t work out and girl tries to get girl back again. So, the story worked for me.

I would like to read more from Fletcher Delancey as I enjoyed her writing style and really liked the two multidimensional main characters.

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