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Letting Go by JM Dragon


A novelette.

When Stella Hawkes lover ended their relationship, Stella was devastated. Her life was in ruins. Then to add to Stella’s problems, her grandmother suffered a debilitating illness and Stella gave up her army career to care for her in her final days. Stella’s return to Ashville brings her once again into contact with an old army pal, socialite Reggie Stockton. Reggie’s family owns the local newspaper. Stella can either accept Reggie’s help to get her life back on track and turned around or she can wallow in self pity. Will Stella accept the help Reggie is offering?


Both women embark on a journey where they are compelled to look at what they each want out of life. Will their paths be the same leading to a happy ever after, or will they part forever?


A delightful well written little story of finding love after loss again. JM Dragon’s books are always a welcome addition to my library and this one is no exception. As always with one of her books, it is hard to put down once started. No problems with this novelette though, I sat and read it in one sitting. It certainly is a page turner.


Both Stella and Reggie are multi-faceted and interact really well together and with the secondary characters. The dynamic between the two women is sizzling. Both women feel the pull of attraction, but both have to clear their minds and hearts and more importantly let go of their pasts be able to trust again to allow any feelings to develop. Unfortunately, outside influences are fast at work impeding them at each turn. 


I have just one problem with this book, I wanted more, much, much more. I also want to know what happens next with Stella and Reggie. A sequel would be fantastic.


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