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Colde and Rainey by RE Bradshaw

A Rainey Bell Book

When Rainey Bell hears that one of her late father, Billy Bell’s, oldest friends has been killed in a hunting accident, Rainey simply has to go to the funeral to pay her last respects. The fact that there is a blizzard forecast is not going to stop Rainey. After all, it is what her father would expect of her.

But, nothing is ever simple for Rainey Blue Bell. The blizzard strikes quickly and Rainey is stranded after the funeral at the home of the late Captain Wellman Wise with his wife and family. Rainey has no idea that she is about to become the target of a serial killer.

Another well written winner from the pen of Master Storyteller, RE Bradshaw.

Retired FBI Agent, Rainey Bell is back, busier than ever, even though she has left the BAU. Trouble just seems to follow Rainey wherever she goes.

Rainey’s life is settled and comfortable. She has her wife Katie and triplets Mack, Timothy and Weather to look out for, so she has more than enough to keep her occupied. The last thing Rainey needs is another adventure and another brush with death.

Here we follow Rainey’s latest escapade beginning when she attends the funeral of Wellman Wise. Who knew that a funeral would dredge up so much of the past and once again throw Rainey into another intriguing case, where she would be hot on the trail of a murderer and fighting for her life and the lives of others.

This book is slightly less dark and slower paced than the previous Rainey books. But, none the less, it’s still a dynamic blockbuster. It’s a page turner right the way through. As always with any RE Bradshaw book, it’s never long enough for me. The tension, mystery, suspense, intrigue and well placed humor throughout, had me reading well into the night to finish the book.

RE Bradshaw’s writing is tight, the plot fraught with tension and the story had this reader rushing through to find out how the book ended. Each time I tell myself to read RE Bradshaw’s books slowly to savor the story. Lets face it, we don’t get nearly enough books from RE Bradshaw. But, I never do. I then have to re-read the book to simply enjoy the story without the hyped up feeling of eager anticipation and agitation I get the first time round. This, for me, is the sign of an excellent read.

I also like that RE Bradshaw included much loved characters from some of her previous books. In this Rainey book, we have lawyer Molly and her partner, Leslie. Always a welcome addition. Plus Danny McNally, Rainey’s ex FBI partner. I also thoroughly enjoy the interaction between Rainey and her family. I would dearly love to see more of Rainey at home with Katie and the triplets

This book has left me wanting more, much more from RE Bradshaw and has joined all her other books in my re-read folder, to be read time and again.

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