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Second Chance by Taylor James

Sequel to Chance

Maureen Chance has made it to the Pro’s, she’s been signed by the Washington Royals basketball team. Unfortunately, this means she is separated from her ex coach and lover, Lonnie. They are finding it hard being apart, but are committed to making their long distance relationship work.

Maureen is finding playing pro ball vastly different. It’s no longer just for fun. When Maureen is finally given a chance to prove herself, she impresses one coach, but not the head coach. In fact, he makes the rest of the season into a living hell for her.

When Lonnie calls on Maureen as an unexpected surprise, she discovers her in a sexual situation with other women. Hurt and bewildered, Lonnie breaks up with Maureen, causing her pain and devastation.

When Maureen returns back home after the worst year of her life, she is a broken and defeated woman.

Maureen is teetering on the brink of a complete mental and physical breakdown. Will Lonnie forgive her and help her back on the road to recovery?

I have to say, I read Chance first and was not impressed with the book. But, I had already bought Second Chance and decided to give it a try. This book is even worse than Chance. There are many typos and grammatical errors, more than I am willing to forgive for the price I paid here in the UK.


Possible spoilers ahead. 


Onto the story. With all the mental and physical abuse Maureen suffered, it was a wonder she wasn’t dead. There was simply just so much and so many things happening, it did not ring true at all. Drugs, alcohol, multiple sexual partners, mistresses, rape, you get the picture! Not much of a story, just one situation after another.

Then there is the graphic hetero sex scenes in this supposedly lesbian book. A gay man and a lesbian having hot sex was just too much to take. To top the lot, the gay man kept asking the lesbian to marry him. Not as a beard though. He was still off having sex with his gay men friends. It’s not like this was a one off drunken fumble. It happened more than once. No indications of this when purchasing the book.

I’m not going to waste any more of my time on this review, suffice it to say, that although I have purchased several more of Taylor’s books, I won’t be reading them. Note to myself, read one book by a previously unread author before buying any more from reading the synopsis!

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