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Killing Rosa by Lynn Kear

Sequel to Black Hearted Bitch.

A Kell Digby Crime Novel

Kell Digby is a former hit man. Her girlfriend Gretchen has just left her and she’s devastated. Being at a loose end and in between assignments, when Kell’s ex boss, Rosa, calls her for help, Kell drives down to Miami from her home in Georgia. Rosa needs Kell to come out of retirement and to kill a business rival.

What should have been a simple, straight forward hit, turns out to be anything but. Kell needs all her wits about her to out smart a dangerous enemy.


Another well written, great story in the Kell Digby series. It’s full of ups and downs and twists and turns throughout, ensuring a gripping, thrilling, exciting and steaming hot read. 

Kell is a whacky, multidimensional character, who under normal circumstances should not be liked and her actions abhorred. But, I really like her. Having said that, I don’t agree with all the things she does, although I can well understand, but not condone, why she carries out some of the hits. Kell is backed up by a great cast of secondary characters, some good, some bad, but all essential to the progression of the well laid out plot.

In this book, Kell finds herself embroiled in a world of scams and murderous plots. It’s really a case of her protecting her friends or sitting back and watching them get killed. The plot is written with a tongue in cheek sense of humor and like Black Hearted Bitch, cannot be taken too seriously. It’s for entertainment only, not true to life. It certainly amused me and I enjoyed the story. It’s light hearted and a black crime thriller/comedy with a raunchy bit of action thrown in for good measure.

I’m hoping there will be more adventures with Kell soon.

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