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Say Something by Jade Winters

When teenage sweet hearts, Jessie and Toni’s clandestine love affair is exposed, not only does their world come crashing down around them, it nearly destroys one of them. It’s said that a first love is the sweetest, but not in their case.

Jessie’s world had been spiralling out of control for sometime, it was only Toni’s love and friendship that helped her cope. Unfortunately, the constant bullying by her peers and Toni’s ultimate betrayal leaves Jessie bereft and with no choice but to make some drastic changes. Jessie vows never to trust anyone again.

Ten years elapse. Jessie is now a powerful and prominent employment lawyer. When Jessie comes face to face with Toni, the woman who had betrayed her ten years earlier, her world begins to spin. Will Jessie be able to forgive Toni and put the past behind her? Will she be able to deny all the old feelings that come rushing back to her? Toni was her first love and her only love, will she be her last?


Another page turner from the very first page through to the last from Jade Winters. Each of her books are so very different. This book is about bullying and the consequences of a person being bullied. Not only bullying in schools amongst children and teens, but bullying within the work place. It happens far too often. Jade has portrayed these cases with knowledge, care and understanding. She has obviously researched the subject very well. Jade has picked a tough subject to write about, she’s done it extremely well and fearlessly.

Both Jessie and Toni are damaged, flawed characters in different ways. Each carrying their own secrets and living with their own personal hell. Each coping in her own way to get her life back on track.

In her school days, Jessie is the one needing help from Toni to stay strong. She is let down and betrayed. Fast forward ten years and the roles are reversed, Toni needs Jessie’s help. Whether Jessie will help Toni or not, is really down to whether she can find it in her heart to forgive her. It’s this journey that makes for powerful reading.

There are a few typos throughout, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. For the very reasonable price of the book, they can easily be forgiven.

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