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When You Know by Kiki Archer

Sequel to One Foot Onto The Ice

Teacher Susan Quinn and Club Ski Instructor, Jenna James are now in a loving, committed relationship. Unfortunately, Susan is at St Wilfred’s All-Girls School and Jenna is working in Morzine. Long distant relationships can and do work. But when Susan and Jenna parted, their fledgling relationship was only two weeks old. Will the distance separating them simply be too much to sustain such a new relationship? Absence often makes the heart grow fonder, but will insecurities and outside influences tear them apart?

Both Susan and Jenna believe in when you know, you know. But will that be enough?

A fast paced, hilarious, chick lit romance from the very talented Kiki Archer. Not just the usual light hearted fluffy stuff normally associated with regular chick lit. There is a more serious side to this story.

This book carries on from where One Foot Onto The Ice left off. We have most of the same wonderful, fully formed, multidimensional characters and a few surprise ones too. There is enough background that you don’t have to read One Foot Onto The Ice first. But, I would strongly urge you to do so. There’s no point in missing out on a good story and it really sets the scene and lets you get to know the characters.

Although Susan and Jenna have to be apart, they find some very interesting ways to be together. But, exactly how safe is the internet?

I won’t be adding in any spoilers, but in my honest opinion, this is one of the most hilarious books I’ve read in ages. This book is written by a British author, but I’m more than certain that wherever you are from, you’ll be laughing at the antics of some of these characters in this book.

From the romance angle, Susan and Jenna are the ideal couple. Their romance is bittersweet, tender and full of ups and downs. True love sometimes meanders and deviates from the path along the way though, as theirs does here. The story is also steaming hot in parts, just to enhance your pleasure.

The horrible, despicable, Marcus Ramsbottom situation hasn’t been resolved from One Foot Onto The Ice. He’s still creating havoc. Does he get his just desserts? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I do know one thing, I could have cheerfully slapped him on more than one occasion.

I was pleased to see little Daisy Button taking a nice role too. She is one of my favorite characters and along with some of the other pupils, a great support to Susan and Jenna.

There is just one point I’d like to make. This book is crying out for a sequel. It simply has to have one. When you read it, you’ll see why.

I’ve added this book with the rest of Kiki Archer’s books into my re-read folder. 

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