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Rebound by Lynette Mae

Superstar women’s basketball player, Connor Maguire is at the top of her game. The world is her oyster and she’s in great demand. Her life just couldn’t get any better. Until the fateful day of her accident on the court, when everything came crashing down around her and her world is turned upside down. Her life as she knows it has been destroyed in the blink of an eyelid. Connor has to change her whole lifestyle. Her life can never be the same again.

War veteran and basketball coach, Shawn Tyler, a beautiful woman with a broken heart and many issues of her own, is on hand to help Connor find her way. But, will Connor be open to meeting new challenges and seeing how her life can be? 

First off I have to say that I’ve read all of Lynette Mae’s books and have enjoyed them all. Each and every one is well written and well edited. This book, in my honest opinion, is her best yet. Although I hadn’t got a clue about how basketball was played, I still enjoyed the story and could easily follow the games. The story is about far more than basketball. It is a story of survival. A story of how people can have their lives devastated and turned upside down and inside out, but still find the courage to come out the other side bigger, better and more courageous than ever. It also has a tender, sweet romance simmering away too.

Lynette Mae isn’t afraid to write about controversial themes. She has obviously done her research very well. Although the topics covered here are sensitive, they are written with a total understanding and respect for those who are differently abled. Reading this book made me really look at differently abled people in a new light. I had no idea of the problems they faced on a daily basis. The effort it takes to do the simple tasks that I take for granted. I’d never given a thought either to the abuse they may suffer. Although I should have realized. Anyone slightly different is open to all sorts of harassment. So, although this is a work of fiction, this story could just as easily have been based on fact. It’s certainly been an eye opener for me and has been thought provoking.

The main character, Connor, wasn’t very nice to know in the beginning. Self opinionated and a bit full of her own self importance. Although I got the impression that a lot of this was due to her nasty ex girlfriend, Victoria and her manager. But, as the story progresses, we get to see the other side of Connor. The softer, more understanding side. When Connor and Shawn first meet through a friend, war veteran, Elvis, Connor is immediately smitten with Shawn, unfortunately, they don’t exactly hit it off due to a misunderstanding. But, as we read on they begin to respect one another and then begin to feel a mutual attraction. These two main characters are well developed and multi-faceted. They are backed up by a wonderful cast of secondary characters, Elvis, Andi, Red and Diane to name a few, that are equally as important to the progression of the story. Also important to mention is the humor that shines through in the face of adversity. So, although the theme of this book is serious, it’s not all full of agony and angst. The balance, in my opinion, is just right.

So, if you are looking for an excellent read, a believable romance and a wonderful true to life, heart warming, page turner, look no further. You’ve found it. A definite re-read for me.

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