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A Place Somewhere by RJ Samuel

Alex Hart was an accountant living a quiet life in Ireland who lost everything when she moved over to America to join the woman she’d been in an online relationship with for two years. Devastated and enraged, Alex made it her mission to seek out and expose some of the lying, cheating women causing so much pain to other women by deception online.
When Alex is asked by a concerned mother to look into her daughter Cynthia’s online affair with a woman in Ireland, Breanna O’Grady, Alex has no idea that it will change her life. No idea that she will have to become what she most hates. No idea of the devastation that will follow.
I love RJ Samuel’s books. They are always extremely well written and edited. She has proven herself to be a master storyteller. None of her stories are the same or even similar. So, when picking up one of her books, I know I’m going to get a good, refreshingly different read each time. However, RJ has excelled herself with this book. Not only is the story entirely different from any other book I’ve ever read, but I couldn’t figure out at all which direction the story was headed in. There were twists and turns throughout and I was surprised and totally amazed by the brilliant, unpredictable way this story unfolded and ended.
The theme of this book is very true to life. RJ Samuel has captured the pain and emotions suffered by those deceived in what is, sadly, an all too real occurrence now. Although this book is a work of fiction, there is a lot of the storyline that will ring true for those people who have been on the receiving end of online deception.
There is a light hearted side to this book too. A nice sense of humor throughout involving a very special character, five year old Sasha and her little dog Terror that I found myself wanting to hear more about. Both are a true delight to behold and lighten the darkness and pain of this story a little. This book also contains a subtle message of hope for a future after the pain subsides.
These characters are special, all are fully developed, multidimensional and interact well together and are essential to the story.
Although this story is told in a small part through email correspondence, it flows along extremely well at a nice pace and allows the reader to really get into the hearts and minds of the characters and shows the build up of their online relationship. The emails are interspersed with the present day events as they unfold.

I’ve loved each of RJ Samuel’s books, this one is in my honest opinion, her best to date. Told from the heart and written from the mind and muse. Truly a wonder to behold. A definite and firm favorite to be read time and again.

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