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Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre

Micah Connolly tried so hard to please everyone over the years. Her family, her friends and now Olivia Holden. But, she doesn’t seem to have succeeded so far. 

When Micah heard her grandmother had died, she was heartbroken. She turned to Olivia for comfort, but unfortunately, Olivia sent out mixed messages, even their first kiss was a disaster. Micah knew she had to go and sort out her grandmother’s affairs and her will. This led to a misunderstanding between the two women and after a heated exchange, Micah ran off and didn’t return.

One year later, Olivia was still regretting sticking to a complex set of rules that made her lose Micah, the one woman she loves.

When Olivia sees Micah again riding a bicycle through the busy New York streets, she’s determined they will meet again and secretly arranges through Micah’s boss to be loaned to her company. Their reunion isn’t a happy one. Micah has changed. She’s hiding a deep, dark and devastating secret which if revealed, she feels may send Olivia running forever. Will Micah take the chance and trust Olivia?

Micah is also dampening down parts of herself which she feels Olivia wouldn’t like. But, a cat and mouse game of power between the two women begins to play out. Micah is both pleased and fearful. She has a hard choice to make.

With her past still coming back to haunt her, Micah knows it’s make or break time. She must make her choices. The risks have their own rewards, but will Micah be destroyed in the process?

This is Rhavensfyre’s debut novel. It’s well written,  gritty, hard hitting and a page turner from the first page right through to it’s dramatic conclusion. This story is unlike any other I’ve read. It’s not a light hearted read, in fact it is an emotionally charged, hard read in parts. A mixture of romance, drama, heartache, heartbreak, physical and mental abuse, but with a light hearted streak running through it that eases the pain of Micah’s turbulent life a bit. Flowing throughout the book is the tender, bittersweet romance between Micah and Olivia. All the way through I was hoping against hope these two women would be able to work things out and get their happy ever after. Whether they do or not, you will have to read the book to find out. Their journey is amazing.

The two main characters, Micah and Olivia are both flawed in different ways. Whilst Micah is the fragile one, really struggling and suffering, Olivia has some demons of her own too. But, she is the stronger of the two. I really admire her, she is my favorite character. Micah, I felt really sorry for. All her life, she’s missed out on love and when she finally finds it, she can’t trust it. This is where Olivia has to be patient, to gain Micah’s trust.This book is a really superb read. A sequel wouldn’t be out of the question either. These characters are well formed and solid and I’d love to read more about them. 

I am looking forward to reading more from Rhavensfyre in the near future. But, can they top this debut novel? Hopefully, they will. I’ll definitely re-read this book.

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