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Winter on Spring Street by Stacey Darlington

Famous singer, Raven Viramonte, came from a broken home and dysfunctional family. She’d been physically and mentally abused most of her young life. There was no love and safety in Raven’s home. For all of Raven’s magical powers and witchcraft, she couldn’t change a thing to make her life more bearable. Even her first spell backfired badly, leaving her doubting her abilities.

Twenty years later when Raven was summoned back to her childhood home on Spring Street because her mother was dying, it was with a sense of dread she returned. To heal herself, Raven must try to forgive her abusive mother, her gay father for abandoning her at the height of her singing career and her jealous younger sister who had ruined her career by selling the story of her past to a gossip magazine. Will Raven be able to forgive, even if she can’t forget?

As part of Raven’s self imposed therapy, she seeks closure and forgiveness from her former manager and ex lover, Skyler Blue. This alone won’t be easy after twenty years and the way their relationship ended.

During her journey of self healing, Raven befriends a homeless man and a gothic woman who she became smitten with.

Raven soon begins to realize that no matter what path she takes, it will be Winter on Spring Street she’s pulled to.

This is another winner from Stacey Darlington. The story is full of mystery, intrigue, romance, with a touch of the paranormal, magic and ghosts, making for some compelling reading. In fact, once I started this, I couldn’t put it down. It’s an absolute edge of the seat, page turner from start to finish and a delight to read.

I loved the characters. Especially Raven, her character is flawed and dysfunctional, which is hardly surprising given her background. But this is what makes her so lovable. All the way through I was hoping that she would find her soul mate. A person to love and who could help her to heal her wounds and support her in her quest to find peace. Raven is backed up by a wealth of secondary characters all enhancing the story. Be prepared for some twists and turns and surprises along the way. There are some great laugh out loud moments too, that lighten the lows of Raven’s life.

Raven’s story is heart breaking and emotional, it’s told in the present day and using flashbacks. It’s not an easy read, but it’s so worthwhile.

Stacey Darlington is an excellent storyteller. Her writing is descriptive and she shows the reader through her words rather than telling us. Always a plus for me as I can lose myself in amongst the characters. A truly magical reading experience.

I’m looking forward to Stacey’s next book now.

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