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My Everything by Alane Hotchkin

Book Two in the Blackhawk Chronicles

Fate is finally catching up to Detective Alex Canton. Her life is on a downward spiral. Alex is learning just what the beginning of the end means. Although Alex is madly in love with Nikki McLoud, it doesn’t stop her womanizing, lies and deceit. What price will Alex have to pay? How and where will it all end?

Although Nikki is still deeply in love with Alex, how much more of the verbal and physical abuse will her mind and body be able to stand?

Nikki’s life is in a state of disarray. She has friends and family, but hides her dark secrets from them. No one can help her if she won’t let them in. But, Nikki can’t ever tell, can she?

Who can Nikki really trust out of the three women in her life? All are hiding secrets. All are darkly dangerous in different ways. There will only be one woman in the end to help Nikki and protect her from danger. But who?

Will Nikki find the courage to fight back? Will she find the confidence to reach out for the love she so deserves?

Another well written and exciting page turning second book in the Blackhawk series. Every bit as edge of the seat as the first book. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down and was hooked from the first page. I’d advise starting this early in the day for a one sitting read.

We meet the same well developed characters we met in the first book, The Beginning of the End and also some new ones too. This book could standalone, but I strongly advise reading the the first book to get the background on the characters. You’ll be missing out on a great story and introduction if you don’t.

Alane Hotchkin has once again written a book that has me champing at the bit for the next in the series. Her writing flows, there are ups and downs, plus twists and turns throughout so I never knew what would be coming next. A book full of surprises.

This is not an easy read in parts. It’s dark, gritty and the emotions radiate off the pages. But, there is hope that shines through the darkness. Hope that these women will find comfort and peace. Another definite re-read for me. In fact, to get the full impact of this blockbuster of a series, I’ll be reading the first two books again before the final part.

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