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Fire and Ice by Gaëlle Cathy

Twenty year old college student, Emma Beckett and her family are taking a break in New Hampshire after a vicious attack on a family member in New York City. They need a place to feel safe and heal.

When Emma meets glass artist, Charlie Campbell, sparks begin to fly between them. But given Charlie’s colorful past and her reluctance to have a steady relationship, plus Emma’s past history, their fledgling romance is struggling to ignite.

Just as Emma and Charlie are beginning to relax and love is smoldering between them, a deep dark family secret rears its ugly head. It’s not only Emma and Charlie’s relationship that is threatened, but also Emma’s relationship with her family.

Will Emma and Charlie’s love be strong enough to survive in the face of adversity? Does love or should love have the ability to heal and conquer all?

This is the second book I’ve read by this author. I liked the first very much. On the whole, the book is well written. The characters are multidimensional and the deep dark family secrets are well portrayed. I have to say, that I enjoyed the storyline in this book and liked the characters very much to begin with. But as the book progressed, alarm bells began to ring for me. The storyline seemed to be going off on a tangent that I neither liked or can condone. At this stage, I hoped I was wrong. (It wouldn’t be the first time)! Unfortunately, once I got to near the end of the book, I found my fears were realized.

The ending is controversial and may not be liked by all.

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