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Summer’s End by Harper Bliss

A Novella

Emily Kane leaves London for Asia after breaking off her engagement to Jasper. On the last lap of her journey, Emily stays at a boarding house in Ko Samui owned by an alluring older lesbian, Marianne. Immediately the pieces fall into place and Emily realizes what she has suspected for years and pushed to the back of her mind, she’s attracted to women. Emily and Marianne are deeply attracted to one another. But, Emily has to return to London, can a long distance relationship with a big age gap really be possible?

Marianne had left the UK under a cloud herself and has her own demons to deal with. Will the allure of Emily amongst the sun, sea and the sand be enough to heal her broken heart? Will Marianne ever be able to move on from her past and confess her deepest darkest secret?

Another well written, wonderful erotic romance from the Queen of erotica, Harper Bliss. I was totally hooked on the story from the very first page right through to the last page and was sorry when the book ended.

Both Emily and Marianne are emotionally vulnerable. Given the fifteen year plus age gap too, they seemed to be set to fail. But, age is just a number. I was pleased to see that Emily and Marianne overcame that particular obstacle. Whether they overcome the rest, you will have to read the book to find out.

Emily and Marianne are both well developed characters and the scenic settings were so well described, I could almost smell the ocean and I felt as though I was on the beach with them.

If you are looking for a hot romance book, look no further. This is one of Harper’s best yet.

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