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Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

As a successful interior designer, Kathryn’s life shouldn’t just be ambling along in a mundane manner. But it is. She’s trapped in a loveless, boring marriage and she is in dire need of some excitement.

Rachel is a young, out going journalist and her life is fun filled. Mainly filled with one night stands, but exciting none the less.

When Kathryn and Rachel meet under contrived circumstances, the attraction between them is immediate, mutual and deep. If only their meeting had been coincidental things between them may have not taken the turn for the worse it did.

As time passes and attraction turns to love, will their chance of a happy ever after be lost when the truth finally comes out?

A lovely well written story of a deception with a slow and tender romance burning brightly throughout. There are a number of exciting twists and turns along the way, making this book more than just a simple romance.

The two main characters, Kathryn and Rachel, are fully developed and backed up by a wonderful cast of characters all essential in progressing the story forward.

From the outset I felt an affinity with all the characters and their lives. Although Kathryn is closeted, married and successful, she’s also a novice where love is concerned. Rachel is a bit of a player, but is also a novice at love. When these two women meet and begin to get to know one another, I felt their yearning and vulnerability shine through the pages. In my minds eye I was egging them on to get together.

I would dearly love to see a sequel with these characters. The book ended all too soon for me.

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