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Andi Unwrapped by Riley Adair Garret

Thirty nine year old, single mom, Andi Mattison, is finally getting her life back. She’d been in an emotionally abusive marriage for years. Not any more though. Enough was enough. She found the courage to divorce her controlling ex husband, Richard and is now attending college. Getting her life back on track isn’t as easy as it sounds. Andi has to re-learn how to think for herself and also learn that not everything that has happened to her over the years is her own fault.

Andi’s liberal arts education has her questioning her entire being, including her sexuality. When Andi falls in love with her older lesbian professor, she knows it is only a matter of time before she has to truly confront her life and fears. Should she worry what people think? Is she even a lesbian? Does a label really matter? All questions and more besides that have to be answered before Andi can move on and be truly happy.

Fifty year old, Professor Britt Avery, hasn’t had much luck in the love department herself. She had a short failed marriage. Her first female lover she was head over heels in love with left her high and dry and she’s found it hard to open up her heart since. Until she meets Andi, she hadn’t even wanted to try. Britt knows Andi is special, but she is also one of her students and as far as Britt is concerned, that alone means it’s a no go.  But will this be enough to stop Britt and Andi pursuing the possibility of a relationship?

As far as I can ascertain, this is Riley Adair Garret’s debut book. It most certainly doesn’t read like a first book though. It’s a lovely, well written story about older lesbians, love and coming out. Of course, there is a lot more to the story, as well as a sweet, tender, simmering romance.

The story is well paced, the characters are fully formed, multidimensional and very easy to get to know and love. Put this together with the well described settings and we have a very nice relaxing read.

There are ups and downs and twists and turns as we follow Andi’s story throughout the book. There are highs and lows in Andi’s life. She takes some hard knocks. The thing is, does she come out stronger or will she retreat back into her old self?

If you like books with older lesbians and late bloomers, this is not to be missed.

I’m looking forward eagerly to Riley’s next book. 

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