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Bailey’s Run by Ali Spooner

Bailey Chambers has spent two years mourning the death of her lover Nessa, the victim of a carjacking. Nessa’s murderers have never been found. Bailey has no time for the Memphis Police Department, as far as she is concerned, they are a total waste of space and did nothing to solve the crime.

When Bailey’s brother Tommy is attacked and badly beaten, a victim of a random gay bashing, Bailey holds out no hope for his attackers to be brought to justice.

Detective Desi Dexter and her cop partner Braxton are assigned to Tommy’s case. Immediately Desi feels Bailey’s animosity towards them both. When Desi discovers the reason for Bailey’s attitude, she can quite understand Bailey’s reasons for feeling the way she does. Desi sets out to convince Bailey that Braxton and herself will work hard to find Tommy’s attackers. Unknown to Bailey, Desi also intends to look into Nessa’s murder too and delves down the cold case files in her spare time.

As time passes, Desi and Bailey begin to feel a slow burning mutual attraction for each other. But, Tommy’s case must be closed before they can act on it.

It’s not long before Desi and Braxton discover a serial killer amongst the pile of cold cases they are investigating. With Desi involved in her new case and working crazy hours, what will happen to Bailey and their newly found romance? Will it fizzle out or will it slowly smolder in the background until it can ignite and burn brightly?

I’ve read a number of books by Ali Spooner and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. She is a wonderful master storyteller. Her writing is a pure joy to read. One thing that I love about Ali’s books is that they are so varied in content. No two stories are the same or similar. Her writing is what I now call my comfort reading. By this I mean familiar and easy to get stuck right in to from the first page, with a story that grips me right through until the last page. 

Each and every character in this book is well developed and multidimensional. They all play well together like a synchronized film being acted out in some great scenic settings. I like the way Ali gradually introduces new characters throughout the book and manages to give us a bit of background on them without detracting from the story. 

This story has a fabulous romance running through it. It’s exciting from the police work angle, plus there is the added bonus of a touch of the supernatural in it. I would dearly love to read a sequel with Bailey, Desi, Braxton and the rest of their family and friends. This is one book I did not want to end.

As with the rest of Ali’s books, this book is in my re-read folder.

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