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Remember Me by Syd Parker

Lawyer, Samantha Adams, (Sam) grew up not knowing her grandmother. Now it’s too late, she’s dead. Sam receives a box of memorabilia from her grandmother’s lawyer and learns that she is her grandmother, Louise Elizabeth Barrett’s (Lou) heir. With one small caveat, Lou wants Sam to take a road trip to get to know about her life and the people she loved. Sam also learns that her own mother had kept Sam and her grandmother apart when Lou had allegedly abandoned her family for her lover, Charlie.

Now Sam is going to get to know Lou. Much to her mother’s disgust, Sam is going on the road trip with her best friend, lawyer, Ellis Hudson in compliance with her grandmother’s final request. Along the way Sam and Ellis come to realize that the box of Lou’s memorabilia contains items that she should return to their rightful owners. It’s a heart rending and momentous journey, filled with fun, love and more than anything, Sam is getting to know all about Lou, her life and her loves. She is also getting to see Ellis in a different light too.

Ellis has secretly been in love with Sam since they first met eight years previously. She’s single and has had a series of one night stands. If she can’t have Sam, she doesn’t want anyone. As difficult as this journey will be, it’s make or break time. Ellis knows she must either let go of her dreams for a romance with Sam or try to get Sam to see what is right in front of her, smoldering in her own heart. Will Ellis be successful, or will Sam remain as blind as ever to her own feelings?

Another winning story from the very talented Syd Parker. Each time I pick up a book by this wonderful author, I’m secure in the knowledge that it’s going to be a well written, well researched page turner and different from her previous books, but even more important to me is that I know I will love it. There are some author’s books I will buy without reading the synopsis, Syd is one such author. She never, ever lets me down.

This story has a baseball background and is all about family love, loss and betrayal. It’s also about finding oneself. Finding out who you are and who you want to be.  There is a simmering romantic theme throughout too.

When a big wrong has been done to two people and it’s too late to put it right, will one person be able to forgive the other person?

Both Sam and Ellis are loveable well formed main characters, multidimensional and so easy to get to know. They interact well together and are backed up by a strong cast of secondary characters, each essential in the progression of the story right through to it’s very satisfying ending.

Syd’s writing simply keeps on going from strength to strength. Each time I read a new book from Syd, it becomes my new favorite. This one is no exception. It’s in my favorites folder to be read time and again.

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