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The Widow of Sandcastle Cove by Stacey Darlington

A Short Story

Struggling actress, Bree McQueen, (Big) has been dumped by her girlfriend, she’s been fired and is about to be evicted from her home. Bree’s rich grandmother, Bertha Biederman, is usually forthcoming with a loan. But not on this occasion. Bertha is leaving Big to fend for herself while she goes off for a month long vacation. She gives Big $500 to water her plants and a bag of old clothes and wigs to donate to goodwill.

Big has an ingenious plan. She dresses up as her grandmother and moves into her grandmother’s place at the Sandcastle Cove Retirement Community. Why not? After all, she’s always being told how much her and her grandmother look alike. Will Big be able to pull the scam off? Then there is the crush Big has on her grandmother’s nurse, Amber. How can she romance her dressed as her eighty year old grandmother?

A hilarious, side splitting short story with wonderful multi-faceted well developed characters. My absolute favorite is grandmother Bertha. The scenic settings and the interaction between all the characters is superb. Although this book is basically a comedy, there is a sweet and tender love story simmering away just waiting to be unleashed.

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