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Falling For Hope by Natalie Vivien

The collection of the four Hope short stories

Visiting Hope Story One

Veterinarian, Amy is about to go for a week in the woods to the cabin of a friend, with a group of her best friends. This year will be the first time at the cabin since Melissa, Hope’s partner, passed away. Amy is hiding a secret, she’s been in love with Hope for five years. Will she be able to keep her secret safe? Or will staying with Hope be too much?


Building Hope Story Two

Amy’s kept her feelings to herself for so long because of Hope’s on and off again relationship with Melissa. During a week long stay at the cabin in the woods, Amy and Hope finally become a couple. Unfortunately, not all of their friends are happy about their new relationship.


Finding Hope Story Three

Amy and Hope’s new relationship is really upsetting their friend Chris. She’s furious with Hope for betraying Melissa’s memory. To clear her head, Hope decides to go hiking alone. A summer storm hits with a vengeance and Hope fails to return to the cabin. What has happened to her?


Embracing Hope Story Four

With Hope missing and the storm raging, Amy sets out with a few of her friends to try to find her. Amy is relying heavily on Chris who knows the area better than anyone. As Chris is so against their relationship, will she put her feelings aside and come through for them? Or will it simply be too late?

Four nicely written romantic short stories. The characters are all fully formed and interact well together. Just like with a group of regular everyday friends, things don’t always run smoothly. The stories clip along at a nice pace with a touch of adventure mixed.

Despite the stories being short, there is a lot packed in to them. The scenic descriptions alone were well worth reading the book for. So, if you want to be transported to a cabin in the woods and smell the hotdogs and S’mores cooking and have an adventure with romance and fun, give these stories a try.

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