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Dragon Dawn by Kate Genet

Episode Three of the Reality Dawn Series

Reality Dawn and Rae are on their way back to a familiar Earth for a well deserved rest. Their last vacation was anything but restful. (See Perfect Earth) They finally arrive back in Reality’s gypsy wagon. Eager to be back home, they open the door. They are not on Earth, well not on the Earth Reality meant for them to be on.

On top of everything, there is a dragon flying around, of the fire breathing variety. According to Reality, they don’t exist, not on any Earth in any dimension. But.....there it is, large as life, with dragon hunters on its tail.

Where can Reality and Rae be? Dragons, knights, kings, soldiers and sorcerers, are they in the middle of a fairy tale? No! This is real enough. They’ve travelled through a Reality Door somewhere. There is one big problem though. Reality Dawn can’t find the door. Before they can go anywhere, however, one small boy plagued by nightmares needs their help.

Another winner in this compelling series. The book is fast paced and the characters and scenic descriptions are very well written. It was so easy to lose myself in the story and all too soon it came to the end. This book can be read as a standalone. But, I would recommend you read the series. You will be missing out on two other great books if you don’t, as well as the main character development.

Reality and Rae are getting closer, but despite sharing a bed are still not together as a couple. I’m ever hopeful they will be one day though as they are definitely made for each other. The chemistry between them is electric.

I’m now looking forward to the fourth episode in this great series.

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