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Perfect Earth by Kate Genet

Episode Two of the Reality Dawn Series.

Rae and Reality Dawn are now travelling together. Rae has given up her old mundane life for a new and exciting one with Reality Dawn. Currently they are visiting a totally different Earth for a well deserved vacation. Both women are looking forward to some sunshine, relaxation, good food and dancing the night away. It should be perfect. A perfect break on a perfect Earth.

Unfortunately, Rae is in for a bit of a shock. She’s just about to find out what perils there are with being Reality Dawn’s travelling companion. Reality finds trouble, or trouble finds Reality. Whichever way, dancing and dinner will not be happening.

Rae and Reality find themselves living a nightmare instead. Creatures that should only exist in films, books or the imagination are on the rampage. Rae is determined to help Reality rid this perfect Earth of these dreadful creatures and the carnage they are causing.

But will they both survive? Also they have the added burden of another Reality Worker turning up. Will Reality Seraph be a help or a hindrance?

Another really great, well written episode in an exciting series. A book full of suspense and intrigue. This book could be read as a standalone, but I would advise reading Reality Dawn first. Simply because it sets the scene and you get to know the characters. Plus it’s a jolly good read and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

In this episode we meet more equally well written characters, each playing their parts to perfection.

Rae and Reality really fit well together. They are not a romantically involved couple. Although Rae would like it to be so. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t get together romantically, but the adventures Rae and Reality find themselves having are story enough............For now. Oh and yes, I would like to see Rae and Reality get together romantically.

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