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Rapture:Sins of the Sinners

Chapter 1

Houston, Texas

Big cities offered anonymity. They are the kind of places that provided the faceless, nameless interactions she craved, and then later hated herself for indulging in.

Looking at the list of nearby churches she had hastily jotted down from the phonebook, Agnes Kelly-Elliott left her hotel room, making sure the door was secured. It was dark out, but the streetlamps provided sufficient light to feel reasonably safe. Come morning, she would have need of a priest before catching the plane back to Ft. Worth, not that confessing her sins would do her any good. They were a part of her, something that could never be purged by penitent prayers. Pleasure and release were addictive. Neither could be ignored for long. 

Agnes dreaded these trips, yet could not deny her cravings. Life would be unbearable if her family or co-workers found out about her secret weekends away from her hometown. The church would be the only thing left to offer her solace. She tried hard to control a vice that was impossible to ignore.

The half-lit neon sign above over the doors entrance flickered. 

Sophie’s Choice, she thought. “They really need to fix that light,” Agnes mumbled, remembering she had said the same thing the night before when she checked out the place. This bar was perfect for what she required.  A lesbian bar, the odds were good she’d find just the right partner for a few hours of pleasure. Six weeks. Certainly not a record for abstinence, but it was a long stretch. Her job provided few opportunities to pursue personal wants or needs. 

Shoving the list she had been clutching tightly in her hand into her back pocket, Agnes pushed open the door to the bar. Although she had been taking these types of trips for a few years, she could never get over the initial jitters. 

The dark interior provided a comfortable level of anonymity, calming her nerves. The smell of perfume and cologne was the first thing she noticed but it couldn’t conceal the dirty smell of tobacco. A misty smoke swirled lazily around the room. Feeling queasy, she unconsciously rubbed her stomach. Her blood raced, first in anticipation of what lay ahead, and then with guilt. Guilt! It gnawed at her gut like a bad enchilada. Slowly she made her way deeper into the darkness, ignoring anyone that looked like a regular. Agnes was on a mission and they had no place in her plans. 

“A Cosmo,” she called out to the bartender. Pulling a twenty-dollar bill from her shirt pocket, Agnes laid it on the bar before turning to check out the dimly lit room. The place was like many others she had visited, small and intimate.  Several customers gave her the once-over before returning to their conversations. 

Guess I don’t fit their needs either. Most of the seats around the tables were taken. A few loners were scattered about. Probably looking for the same thing I am. These were the women that interested Agnes—potential candidates for the evening. Someone was always available for a one-night stand. All Agnes had to do was find the right person.

The jukebox played k.d. lang’s “Shadowland.” Couples swayed intimately on the cozy wooden dance floor. Unconsciously, Agnes moved slightly to the tune.

“Would you like to dance?”

Startled, Agnes jumped. She hadn’t even realized someone was standing so close. Forcing a smile, she turned. 

Nice! She was relieved to see an attractive woman dressed in simple black trousers and a white western style shirt. Pale blue eyes sparkled. 

“I just ordered.” Agnes pointed to the money lying on the counter.

“It’ll be here when we get back,” the woman said as she leaned against the bar. Her long dark hair was pushed behind her ears and hung down past her shoulders, giving Agnes an unobstructed view of her face. 

Agnes usually avoided women who tried to pick her up. It usually meant they wanted to be in control. There was something about this one, though, that was different, or at least felt that way.

“All right. One dance.” When the woman held out her hand, Agnes reluctantly clasped it. Her eyes traveled along the tanned, outstretched arm and upward. 

Gotta be at least six feet.  At five eight Agnes didn’t consider herself to be short. Having to look up, though, was a bit disconcerting.

“Can I ask your name?”

“You can but…” Agnes said as she found herself pulled close to the lean body. Their height difference did have some advantages.  Her head rested easily on the cotton-covered shoulder.

“But what?”

“Before I tell you, there’re a few requirements.” Agnes knew she was moving fast. Perhaps it was her need driving her, but if she could take control quickly, she might have found what she was looking for.

“Hmm. So do I fulfill these…requirements?”

The question was whispered directly into Agnes’s ear. She shivered as the warm breath caressed her cheek, and pressed closer into the embrace. Shifting slightly, she began to lead their slow dance.  Agnes glanced at the woman’s face to judge her reaction. 

“You do, so far. If you want to accompany me…” Without thinking Agnes placed a soft, lingering kiss on her dance partner’s slightly parted lips, then eased out of the embrace and moved toward the bar. Collecting her change she sipped the cocktail that was next to it. Moments later, her dance partner returned. 

“I’m not looking for more than tonight,” Agnes warned, “and no contact afterward. No exchanging phone numbers, no addresses, no nothing. We’ve never met.”

“Perfect!” the woman said. “I like simple.”

Agnes smiled and downed the rest of her drink. She tipped the bartender. 

“My hotel’s not far. Care to walk me there?”

“In this neighborhood?”

“I’ll protect you.” Agnes reached out, wrapping her hand around a rock hard bicep. “Although you seem well equipped to take care of yourself.”

“I do all right.” The woman smiled exposing straight white teeth.

“I bet you do.” 

Agnes held her hand out. The woman took it without hesitation. Things were working out well.

The humid Houston air settled on her as soon as she stepped outside. She immediately dropped the woman’s hand. Agnes wished she had a bit more nerve in public. Home was a few hundred miles away. The chances of anyone knowing her here were slim to none but she wasn’t chancing an accidental discovery. 

Neither spoke as they walked the five blocks to the hotel. The neighborhood transitioned from tacky to more prominent housing. It was often a dichotomy to Agnes that the haves and the have-nots could live in such close proximity, and yet be oblivious to each other’s lifestyles.

“What are you in town for?”

Agnes hated questions, but couldn’t always ignore them even though it was necessary to maintain her anonymity. Of course, there was nothing to stop her from telling a few small lies. She made a mental note to add that sin to her confessions in the morning. 


“You clearly don’t like questions. Is that one of the requirements?”

“Not exactly but it’s better this way. We’re here.” Agnes smiled her thanks to the night porter when he opened the door for them.

The foyer was polished marble; the elevator, polished stainless steel giving her an excellent view of them standing together. Agnes’s hair was more red than blonde. She had often suffered through nicknames like ‘ginger’ and ‘carrot top’ growing up. Her hair color was a sharp contrast to the woman standing beside her who happened to be looking directly at her in the reflection. Smiling sheepishly Agnes blushed and looked away. 


The hotel room was roomy and comfortable. Normally a simple motel served her purpose but this trip she had splurged, a long overdue treat. Selfishness would have to be added to the growing list of sins. She motioned toward the king-sized bed. 

“Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?” The woman looked at the bed then back at Agnes. 

“Are we going to go through pleasantries after all those requirements?”

“No need. Business it is.” Agnes smiled thinly and kicked off her shoes. Tugging her blouse from her jeans she began unbuttoning it from the bottom.  

“I like business. Pleasantries can be fun but tend to be tedious.” The woman unbuttoned her own shirt, pulling the tails from her black trousers. She unhooked her large gold belt buckle, unsnapped and unzipped her pants. Sitting down on the bed she bent over and grabbed a boot.

Agnes felt her blood racing. 

“What’s your name?”

“So you get to ask questions, now?” Before Agnes could reply the woman relented. “Cochise.” A powerful tug sent the boot thudding to the floor. 

“Like the Apache?”

The other boot hit the floor. “Who else?”

“Interesting.” Agnes pushed the top of her jeans down her hips. 

“And yours?”


Cochise stood and pulled her shirt off, draping it neatly over the headboard, barely noticing a rosary draped over its corner. 


“You might say that.” Agnes left her panties and bra on as she crossed the room to stand in front of Cochise. “Apache?” Agnes asked. Cochise clearly had some classic American Native features.

“You might say that.”

Agnes chuckled. Her finger traveled from the top of Cochise’s white sports bra to the waist of her pants. 

“Take everything off and lay in the middle of the bed,” Agnes ordered. “Please,” she added as an afterthought. The pleasantry was merely a formality.

“You’re very bossy.”

“My game, my rules.” Agnes waited for Cochise to comply before joining her. Sitting astride Cochise’s abdomen, she settled her weight on the hips. Agnes felt the anticipated thrill of the conquest as she looked down at the woman under her.  “Put your hands above your head.”

“Why?” Cochise demanded, her voice tinged with suspicion.

Agnes took each of Cochise’s wrists and gently forced them above the prone woman’s head. 

“Because I wish it.” Agnes smiled. “And since I’m on top, I’m in control. Is that a problem?” She watched the play of emotions cross Cochise’s face. “I’ll allow you a safe word.”

“You’ll allow?”

“Yes, allow. I am in control, remember? That’s one of the rules.” She lowered her chest to Cochise’s moving slowly forward and then back, eliciting a soft moan from the woman under her.

“Apache,” Cochise rasped raggedly.

Agnes laughed. “How appropriate.” 

Agnes settled fully on top of Cochise and reached above her head for the two straps she had placed there earlier in the day. The Velcro closures that were wrapped around the frame were strong. They had never failed. Securing each strap to Cochise’s wrists, she saw the hands ball into fists. 

“I won’t hurt you,” she whispered. “This is a game, remember? It’s all about pleasure.”

“I…I don’t even know you.”

“You know my name. You know you want sex as much as I do, and you thought I was good enough for a one-night stand. What else do you need?” Kelly asked, planting kisses along Cochise’s neck.

“I…” Cochise pulled hard at the restraints causing the headboard to creak. The edges of the leather cuffs pressed into her skin. “This is a mistake! I can’t do this! Take these things off! Now!” Struggling against the restraints, Cochise flipped Agnes to the side. “Apache!” she cried out.

Stunned, Agnes scrambled to unfasten the buckles on the cuffs. It took longer than normal because of the woman’s agitation. When the second cuff finally relented, she hurriedly moved away.  

“I’m sorry! I thought you understood.”

“Understood?” Cochise rose and hurried to the neat pile of clothes she had discarded a few minutes earlier. “You didn’t say anything about this. At least have the guts to bring up your perversions before you invite someone to your room.”

“Perversions? You’re over—”

“You need a label, lady, something to warn people off since you apparently don’t. Not everyone is into this type of thing.” Cochise began to dress, finally sitting on the edge of the bed to pull her boots on. “What exactly is your problem anyway? The good old-fashioned way too boring for you?”

“I don’t have a problem,” Agnes said, barely able to control her own temper. “I told you earlier. I like control.”

Cochise pulled on her second boot, stomping it against the floor.

“Control! This goes beyond control. You know what I think? I think you’re nuts. If this is what you need to have sex, you’re pathetic. Hell, you probably objectify women to deal with your sexuality. Still closeted, I bet. You’re afraid someone else might be better than you. Control you. That’s why you like tying women up!”

“You don’t know anything about me,” Agnes said, her voice turning cold. “Are you a shrink or something?” 

“No, but it sure doesn’t take a psychiatrist to figure this out.” Cochise stood, zipped up her pants and buckled the belt. “You’d better hope you never run into someone else like you. It’ll be quite an awakening.”

Agnes wanted to object, but the woman was uncomfortably close to the truth. Dropping her gaze to the floor, she didn’t know how to respond. The thought of giving control to another person was terrifying.

“Look, I’m sorry.  I honestly thought you…”

Cochise had already made it to the door but stopped and turned. 

“Thought what? That I’m into your weird stuff? I don’t mind giving up control occasionally but I’ll be damned if I’d let a complete stranger tie me up. What’s your real name, anyway? At least have the decency to tell me that.”

Agnes didn’t look at her. “You know everything you need to know,” she said. 

Cochise gave a bitter laugh. 

“Have it your way, Kelly.” Yanking open the door she left, shutting it firmly behind her.

Agnes sat on the edge of the bed in silence. The evening was a disaster. She sighed. Not exactly what I was hoping for, she thought. Standing she pulled on her pants and blouse. After dressing, she straightened the bedding, and gave the room one last check. Glancing at her watch, she shrugged.

No use thinking about what didn’t happen. Woman’s a fruitcake. Oh well, the night’s still young. Plenty of time to find someone more amenable.

And so she did. A young woman at the same bar where she had picked up Cochise, only this one was more cooperative and very eager.

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