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The Panty Thief
Annette Mori

Karen McIntosh
'The Panty Thief’ is told with Annette Mori’s trademark quirky humour – but there’s a serious side too. And that’s her standout skill as a writer. She manages to make us laugh one minute, then finds a way to make us think the next.

Joey and Sabrina are neighbours who become study buddies. But it’s clear from day one that they both want more. Heavy workloads, friends with major problems and a reluctance to commit conspire to keep that on hold. Will the pair ever find time for themselves – and will they see that all work and no play is no fun at all?

I enjoyed spending time with Joey and Sabrina and hoped that they would get their happily ever after story. Stealing panties was the light relief in this story that tackled a pretty serious issue too. Throughout it all was the attraction between them, an undercurrent of fizzing passion that they struggled to keep under control. Joey seemed to be a wise-cracking joker at the start, but there was a lot more to her character. I liked seeing how she grew, and how she began to see what was really important in her life. Sabrina was just as dedicated to her studies as Joey, but she found a way to attend to the other tings life threw at her, without neglecting them. Joey was a good influence on her as she allowed her to loosen up a bit – especially regarding those infamous panties! I really enjoyed ‘The Panty Thief’.

I was given this ARC for review....

Country Living
Jen Silver

Karen McIntosh
I have just spent a wonderful few hours in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside thanks to author Jen Silver. Her latest novel ‘Country Living’ is the perfect book to read right now. Escape with unexpected and exciting storylines and get to know her believable and well-rounded characters.

Peri has always dreamed of a life in the English countryside, with an old stone cottage, a vegetable garden and walks in the hills and fields. Her wife is not so keen, but goes along with it as long as she has time in London to finish off some projects before joining her. Moving near the lesbian mecca of Hebden Bridge, Peri expects a quiet life and ordinary neighbours. That’s not exactly what she gets though. There are a few secrets being kept from her and life may not turn out as she expected.

I loved Peri. She’s the woman you want living next door. She was kind and approachable and deserved to be treasured. I liked seeing her interact with her neighbours. It brought out something unexpected in her. There are a few different storyline strands woven through the novel and that takes it a notch above most others. Oh and it is very hot too! A great book and highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review....

The Settlement
Ali Spooner

Monika Magdalena Schenke
Ali tells a wonderful story of first loss, then recovery and finally love. On the way our heroine shows her loving and generous self and builds a monument for the woman she lost, that truly shines in more than just a physical way.

Attention! Spoiler:

What I enjoyed most about this great romance novel is that it tells a really heart warming story without delving into any sex, other than mentioning that it happened and the participants were happy it did.

End of spoiler!

I really enjoyed this beautiful story, five stars really aren't enough for it.

Pleasure Workers

Ameliah Faith
This is a FANTASTIC follow up to The Trophy Wives Club by Ali Spooner. This is Alex’s story and it is so, so wonderful!! Sweet and gentle Alex has had a really rough year or so but things are finally starting to turn around. With the help of some great people she finds herself in a most unexpected place where she can happily use those special skills both the ones her beloved father taught her and the ones she learned at a special sort of ranch in Nevada…. Most unexpectedly of all, she finds herself falling in love, yummy sighs. I TOTALLY am in love with the characters, the descriptions, the emotion and the story. I have placed this book in my All Time Favourite Books folder and will be sure to read it again and again!...

The Trophy Wives Club
Ali Spooner

Ameliah Faith
Dream Job
This is my all-time favourite Ali Spooner book!! It is so very hot and steamy that I read it twice back to back and will read it again soon I am sure! Marley is put in charge of an exclusive fitness club where the staff cater to all the NEEDS of their clients, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…. OMG!!! The characters are so fantastic! There isn’t one you won’t love to bits! There is sex, romance, friendship, love of all sorts all in a kick ass story. It is divine and delightful and just so, so good! You will LOVE it!!!

There is a part two of this book written by Annette Mori that is due out soon called The Pleasure Workers that I am so sure will be just as amazing!...

Addicted to You
Erin O'Reilly

Karen McIntosh
‘Addicted To You’ is a story of obsession, sexual discovery and passion. It is also a story of love, redemption and realisation. Elin is young, naive and ripe for the picking. Older woman Marissa spots this right away and takes full advantage. She is predatory, manipulative and downright nasty. Boy did I hate her! I wanted Elin to see all of this for herself, but good people don’t always see when they are being used. I was so happy when Aimee came into the picture. Would Elin realise what a wonderful woman she was though? I enjoyed the character development in this book and seeing how they each dealt with changes in their lives. Erin O’Reilly always leaves me happy to have gone on the journey with her.

I was given this ARC for review....


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