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The Panty Thief
Annette Mori


Ameliah Faith
So Much Fun

Joey is a hard working med student in her last year. She doesn’t have time for a relationship or even many distractions as she is determined to graduate top of her class. When Sabrina moves into the building, Joey is immediately attracted to her. Sabrina is in her last year of her medical program too. She has about as much time for relationships as Joey does but she too is intrigued. When a crazy neighbour and a hurting ex-girlfriend get in the way things get even more complicated….

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED the silliness and the tongue in cheek of this book. The whole author friend of Joey with the book cover panties is the most delightful “inside” joke to fans of this author! Like all of Ms Mori’s books, this one is well written in a fun easy to read style with engaging characters and situations. I loved the drama and the flirty, light hearted banter when things weren’t so serious. The attraction between Joey and Sabrina felt realistic and I can easily see why they would be attracted to each other. I liked that they were a team while navigating the reluctant romantic ups and downs. I also really enjoyed the settings this story took place in. The way Ms Mori describes the rain forest and the beaches, I felt like I was there and now I REALLY want to visit there!!! This is a perfect book for a light, happy day.

Karen McIntosh
'The Panty Thief’ is told with Annette Mori’s trademark quirky humour – but there’s a serious side too. And that’s her standout skill as a writer. She manages to make us laugh one minute, then finds a way to make us think the next.

Joey and Sabrina are neighbours who become study buddies. But it’s clear from day one that they both want more. Heavy workloads, friends with major problems and a reluctance to commit conspire to keep that on hold. Will the pair ever find time for themselves – and will they see that all work and no play is no fun at all?

I enjoyed spending time with Joey and Sabrina and hoped that they would get their happily ever after story. Stealing panties was the light relief in this story that tackled a pretty serious issue too. Throughout it all was the attraction between them, an undercurrent of fizzing passion that they struggled to keep under control. Joey seemed to be a wise-cracking joker at the start, but there was a lot more to her character. I liked seeing how she grew, and how she began to see what was really important in her life. Sabrina was just as dedicated to her studies as Joey, but she found a way to attend to the other tings life threw at her, without neglecting them. Joey was a good influence on her as she allowed her to loosen up a bit – especially regarding those infamous panties! I really enjoyed ‘The Panty Thief’.

I was given this ARC for review.


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