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The Chronicles of Ratha: Book 2 A Lion Among The Lambs


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Barbara Jay Tayler
The Chronicles of Ratha: Book 2 A Lion Among The Lambs
By Erica Lawson 2014
1st Edition
Speculative Fiction

It has been three years since Jordana Laren's path first crossed the Noorthi's - three years since she's had a drink, had sex and a life of her own.
Her only excitement has been spent keeping up with her two year old daughter, Rice, who is definitely a chip off the old block. All has been peaceful until one of the colonists becomes sick. Bad news shifts to worse news when the disease spreads through their community. Unable to get proper medicine, Jordana is forced to rely on the Noorthi healers to come up with a cure. Soon the herbs run out, leaving her with no choice but to search for more on the Noorthi home planet. What is supposed to be a simple pick-up flight turns into a nightmare.
Can Jordana believe in herself like her Noorthi sisters do? Only then can she fulfill her destiny as The Chosen One.
Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly when Jordana is involved.

"J" Laren, a once reckless, hard drinking, hard hitting, smart mouth space pilot is now a parent, protector, and non drinker who is quite reluctantly settling down. She takes her roll seriously as Ratha, the Protector of the Noorthi, a mysterious order of Holy Women. She finds the roll of The Chosen One hard to swallow. She is told to believe in herself. She may have a hard time doing so but her friends don't. They know her all too well.
Book 2 can stand on its own, but reading the first book will enhance the discoveries of the Noorthi culture and that mysterious dirt called ochre.
It is a action adventure set in a corner of a galaxy with a large cast of characters. It is told from J's point of view. It is fast paced and almost cinematic in style. As in a movie, the villain is vicious, the hero is on a journey of self discovery. She suffers great physical harm but recovers in a timely fashion, the science is inconsistent, there is delight and sadness, humor and a moral. The ending leaves the reader wanting more.
I read it one sitting finding the daring do pacing a page turner of a read.
I'm giving it 4 stars for its Space Opera style. I would rank it lower if this were science fiction.

Lisa McDaniel
Jordana is back as the smart mouthed heroine and protector of the Noorthi in this sequel to The Chronicles of Ratha. If you enjoyed the first book in the trilogy, you will love this sequel. The addition of their adorable and precocious daughter, Little Rice, and further development of the beloved character Malt, Ericka Lawson weaves a compelling story with colorful characters. Filled with action packed adventure, a creative plot line, and witty dialogue this book will keep you interested until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Lawson’s ability to further develop her main characters and introduce new characters that you both love and hate. Well-developed villains give the reader the perfect characters to hate. I especially loved the further development of another possible love interest. I can’t wait to read the third installment where I hope to read more about this twist. This is a fun, well written book with nothing to criticize except maybe the fact that it ends and fans have to wait patiently for the third book. For those who haven’t read the first book in this trilogy, I highly recommend picking it up and allowing yourself plenty of time to read both books back to back because it’s difficult to put them down once you start. The book has a lot of action, appeals to the science fiction fan, but has only a smidgen of romance so be prepared for less romance and more action.


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