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Affinity's 2014 Christmas Collection
Various Authors

Margaret Burris
I liked this anthology, especially since it is free. The Sweepstake story by Jen Silver was good, well written and interesting. Ali Spooner's Big Sky Christmas was okay, but had lots of grammatical errors. I have not read any books about these characters before, so that made it really hard to follow, since I didn't know who was who. Fran Heckrotte's Death was a well written interesting story and lighthearted in an intense way. Annette Mori's elf story was really cute and charming. And JM Dragon's Sleigh Bells was also good. From a literary perspective, Fran's story was the most well written. In terms of enjoyability, I think I liked Jen Silver's and Annette Mori's stories the best. Like most anthologies, you won't like everything, but you can usually find at least a few things to enjoy. Out of the five stories, I think all of them were worth reading.


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