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South of Heaven
Ali Spooner


Cathie Williamson
What's not to love about the open water and a little romance? South of Heaven will treat you to both in this tale about shrimp boat captain Kendra Drake falling for her new crewmate, Lindsey Bowen. It was a delight to be transported to the Gulf of Mexico where I could practically feel the Gulf breeze on my skin, smell the salty air, and hear the cries of gulls and water lapping up against the hull of the ship. Even the title and cover artwork will lure you in to the wonderful landscape of this book. This made for a dreamy backdrop to the sweet, slow burn of the romance that grows between Kendra and Lindsey. Each dances around the other, unsure of the consequences of possibly ruining their easy friendship not to mention the potential for unwanted drama aboard the small shrimp boat where the crew not only work together like a well-oiled machine but are also a close-knit family. Every budding relationship is met with challenges and triumphs, but few romances have to weather hurricanes and elusive shrimp. And when the boat docks after a long haul at sea there's nothing better than coming home to family and a good meal. South of Heaven will leave you with those warm fuzzies in its simple and quiet way, so settle in with this crew and enjoy the warmth that you will be enfolded in.

Karen McIntosh
This book is a feel-good, grinning from ear-to-ear kind of story. Kendra takes over her father’s shrimping business and has plans to expand. Her dad asks her to take on the daughter of an old army buddy, Lindsey, who needs to get away for a while and to get some experience on the boat. They are obviously attracted to each other but it takes a while for them to realise it and to act on it. This is a slow burner but it so much better for it. I liked seeing them become closer and their growing attraction was sweet and quite beautiful and oh so hot! They faced perils at sea which had a fair amount of tension and the worry of how the all-male crew would react to their relationship. Lindsey also had the constant worry that her father wouldn’t accept her sexuality. I loved how Ali Spooner chose to deal with it and it made me feel such warmth towards the characters. Lindsey was kind and courageous and completely smitten by Kendra. No-one could doubt their love when they saw the look on her face. Kendra was capable, compassionate and utterly adorable and I’m not surprised her crew loved her. I loved being in their world and following this oh-so romantic story.

I was given this ARC free by Affinity ebook Press in return for an honest review.

Carrie Camp
This is my second book to read of Ali Spooner's...and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This is a great light read that will keep you entertained and interested the whole way through. The book is about two hard working women who fall in love on a shrimp boat...what's not to love about that scenario?!

P.S. The book's title is super clever once you learn the meaning behind it and there is a nice bonus at the end!

Sue Rossmann
First I’d like to say I love the water. Ali Spooner spun a beautiful story of shrimp boat Captain Kendra and her father who just gave up the reins to her. Kendra has taken over her dad’s shrimp boat and crew. She has been given the license to fish for Red Shrimp in deep water. A friend’s daughter, Lindsay, comes to help out for the summer. Sparks fly between these two right away but neither are in for a summer romance but its fun to look and flirt. Ms. Spooner painted a beautiful image of the open sea and the camaraderie of the Captain and crew. Their love and devotion for each other was so heartwarming. As a big storm is coming in Kendra and Lindsey take the boat out to open water where the boat will be safe to ride out the storm. This also gives them time alone to see what happens. I am not giving any spoilers. I highly recommend this book

shiela aden
Having just finished "South of Heaven" by Ali Spooner. In a nutshell...She is absolutely brilliant!
A feel-good romance. As well as informative. You won't want to put it down!
The characters are very easy going, intriguing, charismatic, and fairly relatable.
The visual she gives in this book is off the charts. It feels as if you are a part of it all.
Kendra and Lindsey... The two hit it off fairly easy. And with the help of Kendra's father, the two are brought together igniting sparks between them. Their love for life on open water in a boat grows into something much more.
You will not be disappointed!!


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